Welcome To [the Course]!

Acknowledge your students for taking action and explain the next step theyhave to take.

Get Started Right Away With the Course

6 Video Courses that will teach you [mainbenefit of your course]

Main Benefit of Course 1

Duration:3h 55m

Tell them what they will discover in this courseand how this will help them achieve their goal.

Main Benefit of Course 3


For each course, ask yourself:

What will they learn? Why is this important? ‚Äč

Main Benefit of Course 5

Duration:3h 55m

The images help to make your digital course lookmore “real”. If you do not have screenshotimages of your course, try using icons instead.

Main Benefit of Course 2

Duration:1h 30m

Tease the content of the course. When readingthis, they need to think “I need to learn thisRIGHT NOW”

Main Benefit of Course 4

Duration:1h 30m

Link the title and the image to the coursedelivery page.

Main Benefit of Course 6

Duration:4h 35m

By now the reader should be blown away byeverything that they will be able to achieveafter following your online course.

Wow Your Customers With anunannounced bonus!

Make your customer feel good immediately after theypurchased your course. Even before they start goingthrough the course content.


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