Windshield wipers are an often overlooked maintenance item on your vehicle but they are really important when it comes to safety.  Best wiper blades for snow and ice are really important items when it comes to a matter of safety. New wiper blades can provide you great visibility in inclement weather and you will not want to wait unless you are caught in a storm to realize your wipers need to be replaced. 


So here we give the features of 10 best windshield wiper blades

Bosch 26A ICON

Bosch has a reputation that the company has been holding onto for many years and the model that we are looking at today is known as the 26A ICON.

Talking about the wipers, the number in the model number is basically the size of the wiper blade; so this one is 26 inch, although, Bosch is offering the same amazing wiper blade in multiple sizes.

The other sizes in which the same model is available are 13”, 24”, 26”.

Although, there are many cheap options that a customer would want to opt for but the Bosch 26A Icon comes with some pretty nice features.

The wiper sports a dual rubber lining that helps it prevent many issues that a cheap windshield wiper can’t overcome like the Bosh 26A Icon also known as the Bosh windshield wipers, are made out of FX dual rubber which ensures the costumer won’t hear any chattering noises and this increase their lifespan for about 40%.

The wiper comes with a bracket-less design which may raise some concerns but in actual is really good as this sort of design prevents the snow or ice from building up on the wiper. The wiper is also equipped with dual steel springs which enable them to be noise less during the operation.

Rain-X Latitude

The next windshield wiper in the segment that we are looking at is the Rain-X Latitude. The wiper is made up of quality synthetic rubber.

It is nothing like what is already present in the market. The wiper blades come in multiple sizes which ensure that a costumer doesn’t face problems with finding the size that is compatible with its vehicle.

There are no exposed metal parts in Rain-X Latitude and hence this doesn’t allow the formation of ice and snow on them. It also comes with a pre-installed small j-hook that can be used to attach the wiper with. However, if your vehicle has some other type of attachment, the wiper blade also sports many other attachments that can be used to actually attach the wiper blade without really running into any issues.

ANCO 31 Series

The next windshield wiper blade in the segment is the one from Anco, and is called as the Anco 31.

The Anco 31-Series aims to make everything a lot simpler by making sure that the consumer doesn’t have to do a lot of heavy lifting. The windshield blades are available in a variety of different sizes, and while this is something that not a lot of people would fail to understand but considering how different vehicles use different blade sizes, it’s always better for the manufacturer to make sure a variety of sizes are included.

The blades sports DuraKlear Rubber and the material ensures maximum performance, and quite an operation, as well as a streak-free wipe.

The company also relies on custom installation method which ensures that the wiper blade can be connected and removed easily but this also raises some concerns about the wiper blade being easily removed.

Apart from this, they don’t burn a hole in consumer’s pocket and they work a lot better than any other stock wiper blades, giving them a bigger benefit.

Valeo 900 Series

The Valeo 900 Series is a pretty outstanding windshield Viper in this segment and is manufactured by a company known as Valeo.

The series that we are taking into consideration is the Valeo 900 series.

This series is one of the best series out in the market. It comes in a variety of sizes that will fit the needs of almost all the consumers out there.

There are different sizes that exist because a lot of different vehicles require a different size.

The wipers sports a high-quality Tec3 Rubber for the manufacturing of these windshield wipers and that allows a longer life and that further ensures that there are absolutely no streams when cleaning the windshield. 

The windshield wiper blades are so cleverly designed with integrated spoilers to ensure maximum integrity. It also doesn’t have any exposed metal parts. It goes without saying that this approach ensures that the performance remains consistent throughout the entire year.

The wipers are really easy to install. Unlike most aftermarket wipers that require an attachment to install, this approach means that even if you lose a wiper blade while you’re out, you can simply take out the spare one and install it without really having to go through the hassle of unscrewing the old one.

The Valeo 900 makes things easy for you and looking at this, the overall value of these wipers is something that can’t be overlooked at all.

Aero OEM Premium:

For those of our readers who don’t know, OEM basically means “original equipment manufacturer”, and in this case, OEM level wiper blades basically mean that your car’s manufacturer manufactured the wiper blades as well.

The wiper blades are made out of specially blended rubber and it stands really well against all the hard work that gets done by the wipers.

The wipers are also designed with keeping aerodynamics in mind and this means that during the usage, there will be comparatively lesser drag, and at the same time lesser amount of noise that will be introduced.

The company has also left no exposed metal parts and this make sure that there’s no dust, ice, or snow stuck to the inside of the wiper.

Apart from that, the specially blended rubber also helps with cleaning your windshield without leaving any bad looking streaks behind, something that is a legit problem a lot of people face because streams look terrible on windshields or any type of glass for that matters.

Valeo 600 Series

Looking at the truth, nothing much has changed from the Valeo 900 series and it is a good thing because a lot of people don’t like change when it’s not positive. Most of the people might think that the Valeo 600 series is basically a downgrade, but it’s not.

The series comes in a variety of different sizes ensuring that the whole process of installation is extremely easy, and there is a large number of vehicles that can work perfectly fine with this wiper blade. Apart from that, the Valeo 600 series uses the same Tec3 rubber that we see in the Valeo 900 series as well.

This will hold rather well against almost all the type of traction, drag, and another load that normally gets put on the windshield wipers.

Like any other great wiper blades, the Valeo 600 series doesn’t come with exposed steel parts, making it one of the best windshield wipers because there are practically no ways any dust, ice, or snow can build up inside the wiper.

Also, the Valeo 600 series windshield wipers are constructed using galvanized steel. The reason why galvanized steel is used here is because it will make it resistant to a lot of issues like corrosion and other known issues as well.

Trico Force

Another windshield wiper that does a pretty awesome job is the Trico Force. Thee wiper is available in various sizes according to various requirements.

The Trico Force is made up of HighGlide Treated Rubber, and the reason why this rubber proves to be really good is because it allows the windshield blade to easily glide and slide on the windshield without really causing a lot of drag, or creating unpleasant noise.

None of the structure is exposed due to the reasons well talked about in the last many wipers. Also, the wiper uses an amazing method of attachment that minimizes the amount of effort that it may take and maximizes the priority, making sure that you don’t have a hard time installing these wipers onto your vehicle’s windshield.

Needless to say, the Trico Force is easily one of the best wiper blades out in the market at the moment.

PIAA Super Silicone

This windshield blade is made from specially patented silicone rubber and this is a patented silicon rubber that ensures that the silicone manages to resist against all the wears and tears as well as all the damage that can be caused by UV rays.

The windshield blade is available in the majority of sizes in order to make the experience a lot easier for you, and it doesn’t matter what the windshield of your vehicle requires, there is a solution available for you.

The whole wiper blade is made in such a way that even when the silicone wipes itself off of the windshield, there are absolutely no streaks left behind and one should know that streaks are something that can be very annoying, and this silicone rubber makes sure that the whole existence of streaks is completely taken care of.

ACDelco Metal

The wiper blades don’t really come in a different size, they have one size and that is a major setback for it. Luckily, the size managed to be the most standard with sedans, and the wiper blades fit in perfectly.

These are actually made entirely out of metal and while this may raise some big concerns, and some eyebrows as well, the good thing is that the entire metal structure is covered.

You might not know but the covered structure it sports is really good because by the approach, it’s really easy for the exposed structure to have debris stuck in it, and stuck debris can completely destroy the wiper blade, that’s why we should always ignore the wiper blades because if not, then we’re only getting ourselves in a rut.

Overall, the ACDelco Metal is a really good wiper blade that you can buy right now, sure, there are some shortcomings like not having multiple sizes available, not giving some proper information about the product on the product page.

But if you are okay with these shortcomings, then the good thing is ACDelco Metal isn’t really a bad windshield wiper, as a matter of fact, it’s great, and in majority of cases, it works just as intended. So, you can simply go ahead and make the purchase without really facing any issues.

Michelin Stealth Hybrid

The wiper blade has a pretty catchy name and believe it or not, it lives up to its reputation.

The Michelin Stealth Hybrid is available in a variety of different sizes, and this is really good for people who really don’t want to struggle with finding the right fit for your vehicle.

Michelin has decided to keep things safe and simple and decided to go with rubber installation, and while some people may turn away from this, the good thing here is that rubber is actually the best material used in the construction of the best windshield wipers.

The mechanism itself is really easy to operate, and apart from that, one can simply install it himself.

This means that you won’t have to hassle around with the wipers, and that’s a positive point.

In addition to that, the overall build quality is rather nice, and the wiper blades are covered so that will prevent anything getting inside the structure and potentially destroying the blades.

Overall, the Michelin Stealth Hybrid is a really well thought out wiper blade that does a lot of good things, the fact that Michelin decided to with simplicity rather than using fancy terms that won’t make sense to a lot of people only tells that the company has confidence in the product that they have created.


So here we give the features of 10 best  windshield wiper blades of 2017 which will help the buyer to  select a quality best windshield wiper blades for their work to solve any purpose. So it’s time to take decision you should read all the review carefully before buying the  windshield wiper blades for you .

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