Best welding helmet 2019 or Best auto darkening welding helmet

Searching for the best welding helmet in 2018? Check this post here we listed down some under $100, under $200, and some best budget welding helmet or Best auto darkening welding helmet for you. Even we reviewed some big welding helmet companies like – Lincoln, Jackson, Hobart, etc.

 Introduction of Best Welding Helmet

A welding helmet is a type of headgear used when people do a certain type of welding to protect the eyes, face, and neck from the flash burn. The people who are involved in this work should use this welding helmet during welding it will save them from a major problem to their eyes face and to their body parts.

Best welding helmet

So what you will do to protect your eyes when you will do welding? If you take my recommendation then I will refer you to buy a welding helmet for you.  It will help you in your work and it will protect your eyes. The people who do not use this helmet can lose the vision of their eye.  

Helmets are mostly used in places where arc welding activities are done; these arc welding activities may be gas metal, gas tungsten, and shielded metal arc welding.

Throughout this post, I am going to give you an unbiased review of the best welding helmet. Before buying a welding helmet for you should take a look at the three things that are watching the price, watching the performance of the welding helmet.

To avoid a poor selection of products, you must consider the recommendations from the professionals who have tested it. Besides user reviews, the top welding helmet is also tried for conversion effectiveness.

Comparison Of Best Welding Helmet 2018

10 best Welding Helmet 2018

 Antra AH7-360-0000Best budget welding helmet

Viewing area of antra ah7-360-0000 welding helmet – This welding helmet has a 98 x 53 mm /3.86″ x 2.09″ viewing area which is really great. 

Headband of this welding helmet does not need to lift the helmet every time – The headband is a great improvement over the old headbands in comfort and stability. The best part is you don’t have to lift the helmet every time you stop welding and flip it down to start again 

Automatic power on/off – This welding helmet has fully automatic power ON/OFF. So its a real advantage for the buyer as it will start up and off and automatically.

Lightweight welding helmet – Antra welding helmet is lightweight so you will not face any difficulty in wearing it for the whole day for your work. The weight of this welding helmet is 447g/15.8oz which is less than one pound. 

Holds the helmet in place comfortably  The headband looks like a  little fragile but operates as required and holds the helmet in place comfortably. 

Overall, this is an ideal helmet for any welder and this is why gave it top ranking on our short list of the best welding helmets available today.

Best welding helmet



  • Antra ah7-360-0000  has automatic on/off switch.
  • Viewing area of this welding helmet is really wide. 
  • It’s almost as inexpensive as the Honeywell. It also comes with quite a few replacement lenses, which sweetens the deal.
  • It’s covered by a 1-year warranty.


  •  None.

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Lincoln welding helmet 3350

Viewing area of black 3350 welding helmet:-  The viewing area of this Lincoln welding helmet black,3350 series 3.74″ x 3.34″. As the viewing area of this welding helmet is large it provides the great facility in working. 

Headband of this welding helmet does not need to lift the helmet every time – The headband is a great improvement over the old headbands in comfort and stability. The best part is you don’t have to lift the helmet every time you stop welding and flip it down to start again. 

 Enhances productivity and safety  Lincoln welding helmet enhances productivity and safety which every buyer should look for as they will weld for a whole day safety should be most essential part for them.  

Lightweight – It is lightweight which really essential or rather important for the welder who wears it for a long period of time while doing work. The exact weight of this welding helmet is  3.2 pounds. 

Quick switching time: This is a highly important part of having an auto darkening welding helmet. You need to avoid getting flashes and that’s why a fast reaction in switching from light to dark and vice versa is a useful safety feature.

best welding helmet for tig


  • High quality optics
  • Massive viewing area.
  • 4c lens technology.
  • Provides high quality battery life.


  • A bit heavy. 

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Jackson Safety BH3 – Best welding helmet for the money

Viewing area of jackson BH3 auto darkening welding helmet   The viewing area of jackson bh3 welding helmet is 3.8″ x 2.7″. This quality lens gives you  a variable shade with a wide viewing area. 

 Protect the wearer’s eyes from radiant energy during welding – The Jackson Safety ADF has a variable shade range from 9 to 13 to help shield and protect the wearer’s eyes from radiant energy during welding.

Light weight – Jackson safety BH3 is a light weight welding helmet  which is really great to wear it for whole day long during your work.

Certified –  The helmet meets and exceeds different safety standard to guarantee its safety  for anyone to use.    It is a quality helmet, and the certifications are there to prove it.

High density plastic shell protect you during working – This welding helmet has  a high density plastic shell to protect you from anything while you are working. It protects your head,face neck, ear from splatters and sparks. 

Provide you five years warranty –Every buyer will love Jackson safety BH3 welding helmet as it will provide you five years warranty. 

Best welding helmet


  • Very beneficial for beginner welder because of its durability and easy fit. 
  • Provides five year warranty.
  •  Helmet is easily adjustable without removing with the help of a rubber grip. 


  • have checked thoroughly still i did not find anything.

Jackson Safety W40 Insight Variable Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Viewing area of Jackson safety W40-  The viewing area of Jackson safety W40 is  3.93″ x 2.36″ which means it provide great wideness.

Light weight – Its light weight means that it will be more comfortable than heavier models and the straps tightening mechanism works well and are easy to operate even with gloves.  So those who will wear this welding helmet for whole day it will provide them great comfort as it is light weight. The exact weight Jackson safety W40 is 1.0 pounds. 

Provides 4 are sensor –  The 4 arc sensors  of jackson safety welding helmet are useful if you need to weld in tight spaces or somewhere with obstructions, because even some areas  are blocked the lens will still darken.

Decreases neck torment and head pains – The hood is super comfortable and lightweight which decreases neck torment and strain head pains so you can concentrate on quality rather than trying to get the job done as quick as possible.

best welding helmet for mig



  • It is light weight and high quality construction.
  • It will provide you comfort after wearing it for a long session.
  • Jackson welding helmet has a wide viewing angle.
  • Jackson auto darkening welding helmet  has separate modes for grinding and welding. 


  • Costs is higher. 

3M Speedglas Welding Helmet 9100 with Extra-Large Size Auto-Darkening Filter 

Viewing area of 3m speedglass welding helmet – The viewing area of 3m speedglass welding helmet of 4.2″ x 2.8″. 

Provides safety to your eyes and face – This welding helmets help protect the eyes and face in numerous ways. For starters, the helmet blocks welding sparks and spatter from reaching the eyes and face. The helmet also protects the eyes from exceptionally bright light and rapid changes in brightness, which can both stress and harm eyes.

Auto darkening filter reduces stop and start time – The auto darkening filter reduces the need to flip the welding helmet up and down between torch placements, which helps to boost productivity by reducing the stop-and-start time needed with passive lens welding helmets. 

Light weight-  It is a light weight welding helmet. The exact weight of this welding helmet is 15.87 oz. (450g). So you can easily wear this welding helmet during your working hour.

best budget welding helmet


  • Provides great lens clarity and performance.
  • It is fairly comfortable headgear, lightweight for an auto hood.
  • Easy to remove lens for cleaning and to replace cover lenses
  • Fantastic battery life.


  • Weight is slightly higher. 

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RHINO LARGE VIEW + GRIND – Best welding helmet under $ 100

Viewing area of Rhino large view auto darkening welding helmet – The viewing area on this Rhino welding helmet is more than 10 square inches, 4″ x 2.6″.

Provides two years warranty  – This auto darkening welding helmet provides two year warranty which covers defects/flaws in manufacturing and workmanship for all components.

Light weight –  This welding helmet is slightly less weight. The exact weight of this auto darkening welding helmet is  1.2 pounds including headgear. This will help you in wearing as it is light weight and you can wear it for whole day long.

Welding helmet reviews show that rhino large is greatly appreciated by the customers who have experienced its performance. They have recommended the helmet one of the best auto darkening welding helmets in the market.

Provides auto darkening and adjustable head protector –  The full package of the auto obscuring and adjustable head protector has many control levels that dictate the condition of sensitivity, delay, and the helmet shade. 

welding helmets



  • Fair price
  • Large view
  • Fast response
  • Bounces when dropped
  • Does n’t let you down in 1+ year of use.


  • Probably best for light duty.

Hobart 770756 Impact Best welding helmet under $200

Viewing area of Hobart 770756 auto dark helmet- The viewing area of this welding helmet is 3 13/16 x 1 13/16 which is a  large viewing area lens.

Designed with latest LCD lens technology – The Impact Series auto-darkening helmet line is designed with the latest LCD lens technology for best-in-class eye protection. 

Built with durability and comfort in mind The Hobart Impact Series helmets are designed and built with durability and comfort in mind. The Impact Black helmet shell is made from lightweight and durable polyamide and includes  new, ultra-comfortable headgear.

Provides two year warranty – Hobart  auto dark helmet provides two years of warranty which is really a sign of durability what else a buyer want for their money.

It’s a little wide, don’t expect to get into very narrow spaces with it, but does a good job of deflecting spatter. 

Provides sensitivity control  Hobart auto darkening welding helmet has sensitivity control has infinite adjustment for varying ambient light which is really great thing for the buyer. 

cheap welding helmets


  • Provides two year warranty.
  • It has auto on/off system.
  • Delay control between 0.1 and 1.0 seconds
  • 4 independent arc sensors

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Lincoln viking 2450– Our recommended Welding Helmet

Viewing area of Lincoln viking 2450 welding helmet-  It has 4 sensors in it and a wider viewing area which is great for welding farm equipment. It has perfect 1/1/1/1 optical clarity the 2450 improves visibility

This auto darkening welding helmet eliminates eye strain so you can do your job without feeling exhausted at the end of the day.

Light weight-  It adjusts to fit your head correctly and is sufficiently light that you will surely forget you’re wearing it. So you can wear it for a long periods of time.

Warranty-   This welding helmet provides limited period of warranty with this price what else you want for.

 Provides adjust facility while wearing welding gloves-  Lincoln viking 2450  also offers plenty of space to view you welds. The headband adjust easily, even with welding gloves on. So it will provide you the flexibility of adjusting the welding helmet easily while you are wearing it. 

miller welding helmets


  • 4C Lens Technology with perfect optical clarity
  • Big viewing field
  • Comfortable pivot-style headgear
  • Sleek shell design

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Antra AH7-X30P-6404 Digital Controlled Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet 

Viewing area of  Antra AH7-X30p-6404-  Antra  welding helmet provides  98 x 89mm / 3.86″ x 3.50″ viewing area.

Suitable for plasma cutting and MIG Not only is the Antra AH7-X30P-6404 digital controlled solar powered auto darkening model suitable for plasma cutting and MIG, it also works well for those who do TIG and MMA model, and it has a grinding feature as well.

Light weight- The weight of this welding helmet is very light. The actual weight of this welding helmet is  535g/19oz. you will surely forget you’re wearing it so it will give you great comfort in your welding work.

Digital controlled sensitivity-  This welding helmet has digital controlled sensitivity  which will help you to avoid mistakes to ensure that you always use correct setting.

It has digital controls and settings that you can see in even the lowest of light conditions, and you can make the adjustment that you need through interior controls.

Best welding helmet



  • It has higher sensitivity than other models.
  • Fully automatic power on off.
  • Provides bright led display.


  • Its color is not so much attractive.

Forney 55701 Premier Series – auto darkening welding helmet

Viewing area of  Forney 55701 welding helmet- The viewing area of this welding helmet is (3.62” x 1.65”) which is really wide.

Light weight – The weight of this Forney welding helmet is pretty light. The actual weight of this welding helmet is 1.23 pounds which is just above one pound. You does not feel uncomfortable to wear it for  whole day along.

Easy to adjust – The geared headband is easy to adjust as well as being soft and comfortable for long periods. You can use this auto darkening welding helmet for long period of time. 

User friendly  It is a great welding helmet for the beginner as it is user friendly comfortable welding helmet which has increased functionality features which enable longer performance when compared to basic auto-darkening welding helmets. 

Warranty-  Forney 55701 welding helmet provides two years of warranty which  is a really great as it provides durability to you.

jackson welding helmet


  • Provides two years of warranty.
  • It has two optical sensor to protect your eyes from hazards of arc flash.
  • This welding helmet has 1/16000 per second switching speed.


  • I have checked it thoroughly still i did not find anything.

Best welding helmet ? Buyers guide

Notice at the weight of the welding helmet:-

Weight should be a serious issue for every people but especially if someone weld as a professional then the person should wear it for almost 8 to 12 hours then if that person buy a heavy welding helmet for him then it will be very tough to wear it for so many hours. You should also notice at the strain on your neck. You likewise need to ensure the knobs in favor of the helmet can support the weight when flipped up. There’s nothing more irritating than seeing your helmet gradually tumbling down while you’re attempting to do some work. 


People often skip about the most important thing before choosing a product for him. But have you ever think that which welding helmet you will buy for you will it give you comfort or not? So before buying a welding a helmet for you should notice whether it provide comfort or not as it is a most important aspect. 

Lens switching speed:-

This is the manner by which quick the auto adjusting lens machine is. Distinctive head protectors have different modifying levels. Clients should concentrate on getting the speediest changing focal point machine to help in their occupations.

Number of sensors

Different head protectors have diverse number of sensors. Clients should go for getting the protective caps with the most highest number of sensors on the grounds that the more the quantity of sensors the better the scope of the item.

Fixed on your budget:-

You should remain in a fixed position while buying a welding helmet as if you spend $500 to buy a welding helmet for you then you will definitely find a quality welding helmet for you. But you should always remain with in your budget at first you have to think about your financial condition then you should buy a welding helmet for you after remembering that budget. 

Why you should buy a welding helmet?

A good welding helmet is very important when doing any kind of welding. It protects the user from the radiation (UV, IF) emitted by welding arcs, and from heat and debris impact. A helmet with good optical clarity contributes to the quality of welds, as they allow the welder to see the weld puddle clearly.

Why Do You Recommend Specifically Auto-Darkening Welding Helmets?

With non-auto-darkening helmets, you’re constantly forced to “head nod” to raise and lower the hood while welding, leading to neck discomfort, loss of focus, and lower quality welds. With an auto-darkening helmet you won’t need to remove the helmet at all – in fact, many of the top brands even offer adjustment controls on the external part of the helmet, or as a separate controller which can be adjusted without even removing your gloves. Now if that isn’t convenient, I don’t know what is!

Not only are these helmets worth the money – they look great too. In fact, some helmets look more like a work of art than a protective tool and also come packaged with welding stickers to further personalize to your taste.


So here we give the features of 10 best welding helmet of 2019 which will help the buyer to select a quality welding helmet for their work to solve any purpose. So it’s time to take a decision you should read all the review carefully before buying the welding helmet for your work. I think you will not find a disadvantage of the welding helmet.

Better pick one form our list as those are testified by lots of experts and mechanics. You can completely trust on those. Therefore, we also tried to gather the best welding helmet for the money as well.

However, the choice is yours! Nobody is forcing you to pick one from here. Whatever you pick just pick wisely. That’s all for now. Supremeten is always here to solve all your ten best product related problems. If you have anything on mind feel free to state. More essential product lists are coming soon. Till then:

Stay Safe!

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