Best Welding Helmet Under $100

So, if you are looking or searching for the best welding helmet under $100 all over then you search should end. Here I tried to mention some of the most popular welding helmets that you could consider getting.

Sometimes few of the welders pick up a torch and start the work of welding but I think they are not professional welders they are just beginners. Professional welders will not make their living on it and never will.

While searching for welding helmets you will find different brands of welding helmets like Jackson Safety welding helmet or Lincoln welding helmet which is also popular as Viking. But if you are looking for the Best welding Helmet under $100 then Antra will be the best brand for you. Antra welding helmet has comes with some extraordinary features and at a reasonable price.

Best Welding Helmet under $100

If you do not have a proper welding helmet during the time of welding then eye damage and radiation burns may happen. But this type of risk can happen easily if you take a little bit of time and shop a best-featured welding helmet at a budget friendly price.

Many people think that if you take a cheap welding helmet then it can be crap but if you look at its features properly before having it then you can have a good welding helmet at a lower price. If you want to have the best budget welding helmet then have Antra welding helmet for you.

Best Welding Helmet Under $100

So, lets not waste any more time and directly get in to the products that I thing could be a great option for you if you are looking for the best budget welding helmet over Internet.

Antra AH6-260 Welding Helmet Review

Best welding helmet under $100

It has comes with a solar power to lengthen battery life, the battery of this particular welding helmet is replaceable and lightweight. Antra AH6-260 welding helmet is our choice for Best Welding Helmet Under $100. This particular welding helmet has comes with a battery indicator which you may often miss on other helmets.

The blue light suppression lens of Antra AH6-260 welding helmet produces lots of particles, debris, spatters as well as it has harmful radiant and strong visible lights. This Antra AH6-260 helmet has a well-designed shield that will surely provide you a full neck head face protection.

Another nice feature of this particular welding helmet is it’s test button which will help you to check the auto darkening before you actually strike an arc. The filter of this helmet has a passive shade 13 lens which will help you to work with it even when the battery of this helmet is on the lower side.

Antra welding helmet features a automatic turn on/ and shut off which makes it really a handy feature to have when you are devoted to your work. The ADF system of this particular welding helmet is included with a delay in the power-off function. Before going on to sleep this particular welding helmet will remain on for 10 minutes.

The optical clarity of this welding helmet is 1/1/1/2  which is great in this price range. If you look at its auto-darkening feature then you will notice that it’s far better compared to other welding helmets.


  • It’s a perfect welding helmet for under $100.
  • The optical clarity of this welding helmet is 1/1/1/2  which is great in this price range.
  • This welding helmet will remain on for 10 minutes after going to sleep mode.
  • Its solar power will provide longer battery life.
  • Has quick grind switch.


  • Few people has complained about this welding helmet that its lens is not darkening.

DEKOPRO Welding Helmet Review

The dekopro Solar welding helmet feature a great optical clarity that is 1/1/1/2 at a great price range. The rounded corner of this helmet will allow going into a tight corner or to space where no other helmet can reach. You can extend it downward by which you will get great neck coverage from this particular welding Helmet.

The auto darkening filter will enable welders to adapt to a various working environments by controlling the shade of the lens. The battery powered with solar panel technology will provide you a longer life that is up to 5000 hours.

If you use this welding helmet then I think you will surely like its headgear but many person thinks that it’s little too cheap for which they refers Jackson 370 headgear. During long welds few owners has mentioned about it’s  fluctuating shade levels.

It has come with a viewing area of 7 square inches with manual shade level and sensitivity setting adds lot’s value at this price range. The helmet is lighter in weight makes it easy to use and you can wear it all the time as its lighter in weight.

This solar-powered welding helmet has come with an auto-darkening filter switching that will reach light to dark just within .00004 seconds.


  • The auto-darkening filter of this helmet will reach light to dark just within .00004 seconds.
  • The helmet is lighter in weight makes it easy to use.
  • It has come with a viewing area of 7 square inches.
  • Comfortable headgear to have with you.


  • Few people has reports that shade level fluctuates during use.

TACKLIFE Professional Welding Helmet Review

TACKLIFE Professional Welding Helmet Review

The tacklife professional welding helmet is lightweight and inexpensive and comes with a lot of good features which surely make this welding helmet a special one. It offers top-rated 1/1/1/1 optics for less eyestrain and this feature will help you in your working place. The optical clarity is much better than  1/1/1/2, 1/2/1/2.

The filter of this particular helmet will provide you a fast reaction at 1/25,000th of a second reaction time.  The shade level for grinding mode is level 3 and there are tow different shade range settings from 3-9 and from 9-13.

The mask of this particular welder is made from a PA materials that has passed both impact and high temperature tests. Another benefit you will get by using this particular welding helmet is its large viewing area which will help you in reducing the frequency head.

You can change the variable shade range of your welding helmet according to the type of welding works you are performing. With the help of this particular welding helmet you can very easily adjust the delaying time and sensitivity of the welding hood and its auto darkening functions makes it really a special welding helmet to have with you.

The battery of this welding helmet is replaceable and the inexpensive true color of this particular welding helmet can become a deciding factors for lot of buyers. It i backed by 2 years of limited periods warranty to the buyers from the date of original purchase making it really a durable one.


  • Backed by 2 years of limited periods warranty.
  • It’s a standard size lens.
  • It has come with an optical clarity of 1/1/1/1+.
  • The weight of this helmet is less than a pound.


  • Filmsy headgear.

Lincoln Electric K3419-1 Welding Helmet

Finally before ending the product list I am here with another great welding helmet that will perfectly fit for you in the budget range and offering great value to you and definitely takes your welding experience to a great level.

The polycarbonate body offers you a rugged look with a lightweight and also having comfortable headgear and an oversized absorbent sweatband for those long days under your helmet. It also includes two extra inside and outside impact resistant clear lenses.

Speaking about prices to be honest I don’t know the offline price of this product but on amazon you could easily find this for under $90 and let me tell you that the price may vary from time to time according to the available offers.


  • Rugged Polycarbonate Build.
  • Budget-Friendly.
  • Very Comfortable for long wear.
  • Lightweight and Durable.


  • Not for professionals.

Buyers Guide of Best Welding Helmet Under $100

Before having a Auto Darkening welding helmet you have to look at few features that are

  • Coverage – The welding helmet you are going to have you should check whether it will give you coverage to your face, ears, or neck.
  • Weight- You should ask about the weight of this helmet. Every professional will select a lightweight welding helmet.
  • Construction – Before having a welding helmet you should make sure that whether it protects molten slag and sparks.
  • Safety – Make sure that your auto-darkening welding helmet produces a safety standard of ANSI Z87.1.


Hopefully, I provided or added some kind of value to your day.

If you are reading this article carefully then you can very easily find your welding helmet for under $ 100. You will find exactly what you are looking for without embarrassment on either safety or your budget.

So, if you liked this article for what so ever reason then don’t forget to comment down your thoughts in the comment section below and also don’t forget to share this with your friends and family.


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