Best welding helmet for beginners

It is a pretty difficult task to select the right welding helmet for beginners you will find many options right now available in the market but if you read our article carefully then it will surely help you in finding the best one for you.

It is a pretty difficult task to select anyone welding helmet for beginners because we do not know about your preference but I must guide you about one thing that doesn’t select a costly welding helmet if you are a beginner.

There are three brands that are known as the best welding Helmet they are Miller, Jackson Safety, and Hobart but if you ask me about my likings then I will say Jackson Safety is my preference.

If you want to save your eyes then you should have a Hobart welding helmet. So without saying more about the Best welding helmet for Beginners select the favourite one for you.

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Hobart Flip Front Welding Helmet Review

The Habort 770286 flip front welding helmet will allow you to perform different types of welding jobs with this particular welding helmet you can perform all different types of welding-related jobs without having any hassles.

As a beginner, I think you want to spend your all-important time on the tasks of welding and improving your welding skills.

If you have an overly complicated mask then you can waste your all-important time. So if you are a beginner then have a lower-priced welding helmet for you.

The person who wants to protect both their eyes and face for the Hobart 770286 flip front welding helmet will be the perfect choice as it has surely come with a flip front which surely makes it easy to remove during the time of use.

This particular welding helmet has come with a 4-1/2- by 2-inch view area which makes it simple to make the tasks of welding jobs and it will make your tasks more accurate than ever.

It’s a pretty simple mask or welding gear. This welding gear is so cheap that you can very easily replace this particular welding mask. For all this reason I think this is the best welding Mask for the Beginner.


  • It does not need any kind of battery.
  • The flip front lens of this helmet will help you to see clearly.
  • It’s really a cheap welding mask to have for a beginner.
  • The shade of this helmet will always remain on.


  • Has just one shade level.

Welding Helmet By Aver Review

Sometime it does not mean that as you are new you should not use a premium quality Welding Helmet.

If you are sure that you continue to this particular trade then why not you are sure to have a premium quality Welding Helmet as a premium quality welding helmet will help you to provide better protection to your eyes than a normal welding helmet.

For induvidual who are having a mindset that they will remain in this particular trade for them this premium quality welding helmet is surely going to be a best choice for them.

The auto lens of this welding helmet has comes with a critical feature of welding goods. This particular welding helmet has comes with an optimal class of 1/1/1/1 by which you can get the clearest view of precision welds.

You can say that this particular welding helmet will be a pretty expensive for the beginner but with this particular welding helmet you will get the full return of your hard earned money.

While using a welding helmet you will want the first thing is comfort as you are going to wear it for long hours you should try to have comfort from your favorite welding helmet. So have this quality rated welding helmet.


  • Its auto darkening lens.
  • This welding helmet has a highest optical ratings.
  • Comfortable to wear and pretty lightweight.


  • Very expensive for a begineer.

Antra AH6-260-0000 Welding Helmet Review

Most of the welding Helmets are pretty pricey but this Antra AH6-260-0000 welding Helmet is the exceptional one as this particular welding helmet offers an exceptional features at a pretty affordable price which you can’t get from any other welding gear.

This particular welding helmet is even cheaper than the welding masks. This particular auto darkening welding helmet is very easy to use even beginner can pretty easily use this particular welding helmet without facing any problems.

The blue light supression lens of this particular auto darkening helmet will helps you to get clear vision during the time of whole welding process and you can minimized the blue light by which you will surely love this helmet.

This particular mask features a grind mode which will surely allows you to use the mask as a face shield for grinding and this particular mask will not become darken with that grinding modes which surely make this welding gear really a special one.

The lens in this hood has surely comes with a ultraviolet and infrared protection which will always remains on even when the power of this welding gear turns off. As this welding gear is affordable you can select this welding helmet if you are a begineers.


  • Its auto-darkening features is easy to use.
  • Pretty much affordable welding gear.
  • Has comes with a simple dial for shade selection.
  • The UV/IR filter of this helmet will always remain on.


  • You should forget to switch back after using the grind mode.

Yeswelder Beginner Welding Helmet

Yeswelder Beginner solar-powered helmet is a pretty decent product but if you are a beginner then you may or may not have this particular.

It has come with too many dials which can be a tougher task for the beginner to adjust it easily.

One most benefits of using Yeswelder welding Helmet is it has comes with a extra large viewing area that has an excellent optical clarity which will always help you in watching whatever you are working on with a little bit of restriction.

Yeswelder Begineer welding helmet is also known as auto darkening welding helmet which will surely make you able to see the  fine right up until you pull the trigger and the sparks start flying. 

This particular welding helmet is a bit weighty that is over two pounds. As the welding helmet is a bit heavier you cannot use this particular welding helmet not for long hours. If you look at the price of this welding helmet you will notice that it’s a bit pricey than the other welding helmet.

The true color technology of this welding helmet helps you to not only watch better but also it will surely help you to see more which surely make this welding helmet a better one than the other welding helmet.


  • Has great optical clarity.
  • Comes with an extra-large viewing area.
  • It’s a bit auto-darkening.


  • The weight of the helmet is a bit heavier.


In this article, we have listed which are the best beginner welding helmets. To enlist the products we have done lots of research and compare each and every single products with its strength and weakness. If you read our reviews carefully then you will know which one will be the perfect choice for you.





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