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Best shared hosting review of 2018 is given below. In this post our team have researched on best shared hosting , Considering budget and quality of best shared hosting s. After research our experts have given a list of 10 best shared hosting . And we are sure that through our guide you can purchase the best item for you.

Shared Hosting

Shared web hosting services has been the standard for website hosting for many years. It basically means you pay a small monthly fee for some server space and the server is shared with many other peoples websites. This keeps the cost of shared hosting very low.

The other huge advantage of shared hosting is that it is fully managed so you need no sys admin knowledge as your shared host will provide this as part of the service. Here is our list of the best shared hosting providers.

We ranked and rated the services these companies offer, each of the options you see below (and more!) has been reviewed in-depth to help you get everything you want out of your next shared hosting service.

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Here we describe about 10 best share hosting;-

  1. I page-  iPage is a web host and their specialization is in shared hosting. To entice new customers, the company gives away freebies and bonuses on signup, and they claim to have an ‘Anytime’ money-back policy. These two are perhaps the most prominent features of this web host. iPage utilizes a proprietary control panel built with both scripts and tools to serve out information to its users. A free Security Suite that encompasses a “highly secure data center” and daily spam and malware scans.Frankly, not many providers can offer unlimited money-back guarantees, but this one sure promises that. According to its policy, any unhappy user can cancel his/her account and the billing system will work out a refund sum equivalent to the remaining period of the original contract.But there are some non-refundable items. For example, domain fee of $15 is not refundable if you have gotten your domain through iPage.This one of their biggest cons. Customers purchase an amazingly cheap hosting plan from them and get slapped in the face when it comes time for renewal. We get it – the cheap introductory rate is a marketing ploy to acquire customers. But the renewal fee is much higher than the initial rate – so beware. However that being said, the low introductory rate is an amazing price. We recommend taking full advantage of it by purchasing the 3 year term so you have quite a bit of time to enjoy that great introductory price. Just remember that eventually, you’ll need to pay the regular rate eventually. From our testing and experience with iPage, sites could load faster and have less downtime.
  2. Blue host- This is the most cheapest shared hosting package you can buy from Bluehost. This is indeed a good package which is a feature rich and cost only $3.29/month for 3 years package.  This package allows you to host one website, and this is one reason I recommend my readers to opt for Plus package, as they allow to host multiple websites.This package also comes with 1 free domain which will save extra money for you.As this is value for money and you should consider buying it for minimum 2 or 3 years term to save a lot on your hosting bill.
  3.  E.host- The total uptime for this month resulting in 99.94%, which is still a very good uptime considering that the company yearly uptime guarantee is 99.9%. The average response time 422ms, which is considered a reasonable speed for a shared host. E .host has  the current 50% discount, for only $2.75 monthly, you will get a hosting plan that includes all the necessary features that is needed to start and run a successful small website.
  4. Hostgator- Shared hosting of hostgator can hande before it crashes.Our support team is available 24/7 on email, phone and chat.To honour our commitment, we have put together a team of tech enthusiasts who are well trained by system administrators to provide you with top notch support.We are heavily focussed on hiring the best talent out there and prepping the team with processes and tools to troubleshoot issues and find resolutions with fast turn around times.
  5. Idea host- It has many more website builder features than you may think, considering it’s hosting nature. They cover all the aspects of website editing and management that other website builders do, whilst also including the hosting features you expect from the best hosting companies around. One of the best features we came over whilst review IdeaHost is their Drag & Drop builder, it is just what website builders in 2015 are used to and that’s great to see from hosts. It does not fall short of expectations they may have upon them due to their low price, instead they supply stellar support 24/7 through their online help center, step-by-step tutorials, phone lines, online chats and email support. The brilliant value for money is mostly made up of the awesome support for the awesome price, which is rarely seen online, as the quality of support is usually proportional to price.
  6. Host clear-  They specialize in low cost, unlimited web hosting and simplified website development. HostClear also runs regular usage test to identify any accounts that are using higher than normal resources. If your account is identified, they will provide a minimum of 48 hours for you to make adjustments. If you continue to overuse resources, they will take your account offline. While this may seem harsh, it’s important to remember that these are shared accounts, so anyone using abnormally high resources is impacting the experience of everyone else on that server. HostClear offers free domain transfers; however, they cannot make any guarantees regarding the time required to complete an account transfer or their ability to transfer all of your data. If you plan on taking advantage of his service, it’s a good idea to do your own backups first and make sure to give yourself a little cross-over time, when you will have access to both your old and new accounts, just in case. HostClear plans are backed by a 99.9% uptime guarantee. If HostClear fails to meet that guarantee in a given month, you may be eligible for a one month credit to your account.HostClear occupies the ever-growing realm of low-cost, shared web hosting. What sets them apart is their abundance of features, their unlimited and unmetered resources, and the simplicity of signing up and getting your site online.
  7. Just host- This is a very important asset as it gives you the ability to add as many accounts as you desire. The different domains all have their separate files, and it doesn’t cost extra for these domains either.  Justhost has quite an advanced cpanel with their web hosting. The cpanel is very easy to use and offers a wide variety of tools and features to enhance your experience. Some features include mail management, file management, database management, and domain management just to list a few.
  8. Website builder- while with other website builders will require you to purchase a hosting account and upload your files to a server, with WebsiteBuilder everything is included. When you purchase a premium plan you will get a free domain as well web hosting for your website. people who have no experience  or any coding or design skills are required to get started. You don’t need to spend hours to learn how to use your account, how to upload files or manage your hosting account. Everything is straight forward with a very friendly interface.
  9. Site blog – It will give you free domain name.  The cpanel is very easy to use and offers a wide variety of tools and features to enhance your experience. Some features include mail management, file management, database management, and domain management just to list a few. It has a good band width.
  10. Site builder- The first is a free service, which allows user to create a website and host it on a subdomain of the site my-free.website. The drag and drop website builder is extremely simple to use and includes thousands of customizable templates. Each template contains specific instructions regarding how to edit texts and backgrounds and what sort of text is typically found on each page. Blog capabilities, an image library, and social media integration are also included.  SiteBuilder saves a single backup of every file you create or upload to your site. If something happens to your site, they will attempt to replace that data with their saved version.SiteBuilder accepts payment via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal. You can choose to pay monthly, annually, or bi-annually. As with most hosts, the longer term you sign up for, the lower price you will receive.Plans can be cancelled at any time by sending an email to SiteBuilder, but plans still under contract are subject to an early termination fee. They offer a 14 day money back guarantee period, which is shorter than many hosts; however, since you can build and test your site for free before upgrading to a paid service, this shouldn’t be a concern. If you are looking for the absolute simplest service to create and maintain your website, this is probably the host for you. The drag and drop website builder couldn’t be easier to use, and the simplified control panel makes it a breeze to manage your account.Conclusion:- So here we give the featuers of 10 best share hosting of different companys. The buyer will be helpful to select the best share hosting from the above ten list.
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