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Every property holder appreciates exploiting their piece of land on a decent day. On that wonderful day, you sit enjoying your ideal garden. In the next week from now maybe, things won’t be as blushing, you will find that the wonderful symmetrical grass is gradually turning into grassland and the main thing that remains among you and the grassland is a decent reel mower.

Reel mower or lawnmowers come in different kinds, electric, gas, and even battery controlled. Anyway, none is progressively synonymous as like the reel mower.  Reel grass cutters come in different structures and sizes that fit what you want and having the option to pick the one you need for your garden implies you need to realize what you ought to search for in a push reel mower.

A decent quality manual reel lawn mower can have a few advantages over a gas or electric-controlled options. In spite of the fact that it may not be the speediest instrument for taking care of business, Best manual push lawn mower is far calmer than one that keeps running on a motor, these manual reel mowers are noise and environmental pollution-free that makes this environmentally friendly.

Most lawn mowers are overwhelming, a problem, and difficult to push. In the event that you aren’t utilizing an electric cutter, you’re managing gas refills, oil changes, and flash fitting issues. In case you want to keep it environment-friendly a reel cutter may simply be an incredible pick for you.

You will find three different types of reel mower one is Best electric Reel mower another is best gas Reel Mower have your favourite reel mower according to your needs.

The common expenses are right around zero, maintenance is decreased to an infrequent sharpening, and there are no unsafe radiations. Reel trimmers do arrive in an assortment of alternatives and it very well may be difficult to pick which one suits you best – that is what we’re here for.

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Editor’s Pick : In my opinion Gardena 4025-U is the best reel mower you can buy.

It is a cordless mower powered by 25 volts and 3.2 amps Lithium-ion cordless push mower. The batteries are rechargeable so you can charge and use it. And also eco-friendly with much quieter and powerful motor.

Its cutting heights are adjustable and supports up to maximum cutting height of 42 CM so you can cut long grasses with an ease.

It has LED lights to indicate you about the battery. Overall a nice product to choose from vast range of mowers. If you owns a standard garden then on a single charge you can use this mower easily.Also its powerful motor can cut wider grasses easily.

Comparison table Best Reel Mower 2021

Model NoBladeCutting HeightCheck Price
American Lawn Mower Company 1204-1440.5″-1.75″
Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO1NA
Sun Joe MJ403E10.98″-2.87″
Fiskars 362050-100151″-4″
Greenworks Lawn Mower 25012NA2″-3.5″
American Lawn Mower Company 1415-1650.5″-2.5″
Greenworks Grass Catcher 2505251.12″-2.25″
Gardena 4025-UNA12 cm – 42cm

Worx WG779


Fiskars Lawn Mower (6208)


Let’s look at the 10 best Reel Mower  2021

American Lawn Mower 1204-14 review

Best manual reel mower

best push reel mower

The American Lawn Mower 1204-14 is a manual reel cutter with a fourteen inch slicing deck that is intended to deal with most turf grasses on little yards effectively.

It is planned with solid parts and quality structure that make it ideal for the correct activity. It is environment friendly, modest to keep up, and it runs quietly.

Moreover, it has various incredible highlights, similar to its 3 spider reel get together and high effect wheels that are intended to make cutting the grass simpler than ever. What’s more, it is smaller and lightweight enough that anybody can work it effectively and discover extra room for it pretty much anywhere.

In the meantime, the American Lawn Mower 1204-14 is planned for a particular sort of yard, and you may find that it doesn’t perform ideally under specific situations. Since the cutting sharp edge is just fourteen inches wide, this trimmer will be unable to cut average sized gardens as effectively as you’d like, and the cutting reel probably won’t almost certainly handle harder variations of grass great. It doesn’t have a lot of height adjustment choices, and it will in general get obstructed in wet grass.

The American Lawn Mower 1204-14 is a manual reel cutter with a fourteen inch wide cutting deck that has a 3-arachnid one sharp edge reel. The 3-bug get together is intended to enable you to get the cutting reel turning rapidly with only a delicate push, and the cutting sharp edge is made of sturdy combination steel for a more extended life.

Specifications : 

  • 14″ cutting width, 4-blade ball bearing reel, and 8.5″ composite wheels
  • Adjustable cutting height of 0.5″-1.75″ for a clean, scissor-like cut.
  • Blades are made of great quality, heat-treated alloy steel for staying sharp for a longer time.
  • An environmentally friendly alternative to gas-powered lawn mowers, No oil, low maintenance, easy to assemble
  • 4-blade reel offers supreme versatility for multiple common grass types- fescue, bluegrass, rye, and mixed weed/crab grass.

Pros :

  • Extremely lightweight and compact in size, you can keep this lown mower even under your bed.
  • This garden mower was planned explicitly with cool season turf grasses like Kentucky country, Fine Fescues and rye as a primary concern. Thus, it performs splendidly well on these kinds of grass.
  • 3 spider ball bearing assembly designed to help you cutting reel spinning quickly with a gentle push to the mower.
  • This Lawn Mower is made of very durable metals, the blades are made from alloy steel so that you don’t need to sharpen the blade often.

Cons :

  • The cutting reel width is smaller.
  • It cannot handle tougher grass.
  • Height adjustment is limited.
  • Blades may not cut wet grasses properly.

Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO reel mower review

Best Gas Reel Mower

best push reel lawn mower

Reacting to the requirement for a simple to-utilize machine that deals with the littler yards, Sun Joe built up the Mow Joe Pro Series MJ401E-PRO, a littler electric grass cutter that conveys the intensity of a gas machine with the comfort of an electric unit.

Its strong steel sharp edge cuts a 14-inch-wide way with accuracy on each pass. Notwithstanding its dedicated cutting limit, the Mow Joe highlights a three-position manual tallness alteration.

The Mow Joe comes furnished with a hard top back accumulation pack which disconnects effectively for helpful grass transfer. The included release chute, perfect for cutting taller grass, securely releases clippings without stopping up the cutter deck.

The best part is that no gas, oil, or check ups are essential. The unit is ETL-endorsed and conveys an entire two-year guarantee.

Specifications : 

  • Powerful 13-amp motor cuts a 14-inch wide path easily
  • Tailor cutting Height with 3-position Height control settings.
  • Includes 10. 6 gal bag and Discharge Chute to keep maintain the waste.
  • Durable Steel blade cuts with perfection.
  • Pro version comes with rear discharge Chute (MJ401E-DCA)
  • ETL approved; full 2-year warranty

Pros :

  • Simple assembly – You just need to screw on the handle.
  • Extreme lightweight  makes the Sun Joe easy to push and maneuver around the standard yard.
  •  This mower is extremely affordable & gets the job done.
  • Easy to use  you won’t be scratching your head with this one.
  • Small and compact design allows you to get into harder to reach areas & also makes the Sun Joe very easy to store.
  • Maintainance is low.

Cons :

  • It’s only got 6 inch wheels , which cannot deal with rough terrain or muddy areas very well.
  • The grass bag is small and it can hold only little.
  • It is made of plastic.

Sun Joe MJ403E review

Best push reel mower

best push lawn mower

Grass cleanup just got easier with the Sun Joe 17-inch 13-amp electric yard trimmer/mulcher (Model MJ403E). Not any more muddled gas, oil or harmful carbon emissions!

Simply control up your eco-accommodating Sun Joe with the push of a switch and watch its ground-breaking 13-amp engine cutting with a 17-inch wide way in your garden.

Effectively tailor the grass slicing range from 0.98 to 2.87 inches utilizing the 7-position stature adjustment switch. Weighing just 31.5 lbs with solid front and back wheels to improve its mobility, Mow Joe travels through your garden abandoning 17-inch trails of prepared green.

The 12-gallon back sack gives the abundant ability to continue cutting and disengages effectively to rapidly discard the cutout grasses.

You can easily convert your Mow Joe reel mower into the mulching mower by removing the rear grass bag and inserting munch plug to it. Presently the newly cut, supplement rich grass clippings won’t gather taken care of, by spreading all through your garden for fertilization.

In the case of mulching or cutting, the Mow Joe MJ403E conveys the solid execution you and your yard can rely upon inevitably. The MJ403E gives the added security of a wellbeing switch and is supported by an entire 2-year guarantee.

Specifications :

  • Maintenance free you don’t have to worry about oil, gas, etc
  • The powerful 13-amp motor can cut up to 17-inch wide path
  • Tailor cutting height with 7-position height adjustment
  • Convert into mulching or mowing function with ease.
  • Detachable grass collection bag for easy disposal.
  • ETL approved; Full 2-year warranty

Pros :

  • This mower is extremely affordable & gets the job done.
  • Easy to use you won’t be scratching your head with this one.
  • Creates much low noise that gas machines.
  • Maintenance is low, no oil needed.
  • Very easy to start and re-start this mower.
  • Extreme lightweight makes the Sun Joe easy to push and maneuver around the standard yard.

Cons :

  • This item is not sturdy.

Fiskars 362050-1001 reel mower review 

Best rated reel mower

The Fiskars 362050-1001 StaySharp Max Reel Mower joins trend setting innovation to deliver best in class cutting execution – no gas, oil, charging or ropes required.

An InertiaDrive Reel brags double the cutting force than standard reel trimmers, while a StaySharp Cutting System dispenses with the expense and burden of manual blade sharpening.

VersaCut Technology makes it simple to alter cut tallness to cut a wide range of grass neatly. Extraordinary, inset wheels empower ultra-close edge cuts and anticipate whole strips under the wheels.

One-contact handle stature modification upgrades your comfort and control while cutting. Furthermore, a reversible grass chute can be situated to coordinate clippings forward, far from your feet, or in reverse and descending, making it simpler to cut intense patches while limiting untidiness. These extraordinary highlights join for a reel trimmer that is 60% simpler to push. This is the best fiskars reel mower.

Specifications :

  • Ideal for eco-friendly cutting of all type of grass, even tough southern varieties like St. Augustine, Zoysia, Bahia and Bermuda types can be cut easily.
  • StaySharp cutting system cuts grass without blade-to-reel contact, greatly reducing wear for long-lasting performance without costly annual blade sharpening
  • InertiaDrive Reel delivers twice the cutting power to glide through tough spots easily that would jam other reel mower
  • VersaCut technology offers cut height settings from 1 in. – 4 in., plus one-touch height adjustment settings.
  • Inset wheels allow the blades to extend across the mower’s full width, eliminating uncut strips and edges near foundations and fences
  • Reversible grass chute can direct clippings forward, away from your feet, or backward and downward, making it easier to mow tough patches while limiting messiness

Pros :

  • Easy to push this Fiskars reel mower .
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Inbound wheel

Cons :

  • Blades can catch yard items.
  • A slightly expensive.
  • A little bit heavy.

Greenworks push reel Lawn Mower 25012 review

Best reel mower for tall grass

push reel mower

Like all Greenworks yard mowers, the Greenwork 25012 does not leave a carbon impressions by discharging harmful poisons into the air.

With an electric mower like this one, you won’t take in or discharging terrible carbon outflows.

Not any more heading to the corner store to get gas for your reel mower and spilling it on the patio or driveway.

Furthermore, with an included four-year guarantee, which doubles the business standard, you realize you’ll be getting a result of the most noteworthy gauge that will dependably reliable.

The 25012 is a corded electric reel mower that is on the little side however packs an amazing punch.

This 46-pound garden trimmer is lightweight and perfect for littler estimated yards, (for example, little gardens in a major city) yet in addition works truly well for any normally measured grass but if grass grows too tall, mowers may have to go over it again.

It has 7-inch wheels all around and a metal cutting deck. It may not be the fanciest cutter in the world– not a ton of bells and whistles– but rather it can mulch grass, it’s solid, and it’s exceedingly flexibility.

The reel mower isn’t self propelled, which is definitely not a major deal since it’s lightweight.

Specifications :

  • Powerful 12 Amp Electric Motor delivers enough power to cut through the toughest grass.
  • Durable steel 18-Inch cutting deck gets the job done quicker and more efficiently.
  • 2-in-1 feature, with side discharge and mulching capablity.
  • 7 position height adjustment offers a range of cutting height from 1-3/4-Inch to 3 3/4-Inch for the perfect cut on all types of grass.
  • 7-Inch front and rear wheels make it easy to maneuver around irregular terrain and around flower beds.

Pros :

  • Able to cut through hard grasses easily and quickly.
  • Easy to assemble this electric reel mower.
  • No gas and charging, just plug and play.
  • Powerful motor and easy to start, re-start.
  • Solid metal deck.
  • Safety mechanism is great- less chances of getting hurt.

Cons :

  • Not quite as small and lightweight it is.
  • To use maneuvering with extension cords you need to get used to it for some time.

American Lawn Mower Company 1415-16  review

Best Powered Reel Mower

The American Lawn Mower 1415-16 is a push reel cutter that has a 16-inch cutting width, a 4 spider and 5 edge metal roller reel framework and 10-inch composite wheels with outspread tire track on them.

It’s a cutter made by an organization that has additionally created other great manual push trimmers, for example, the 1204-14 and 1304-14 with 14-inch sharp edge widths and the 1815-18 with 18-inch edge widths.

The American Lawn Mower 1415-16 is like these different cutters yet with its very own arrangement of specs.

The main thing it features that it’s 4-spider 5 cutting edge metal roller reel framework spun actually rapidly with only gentle push.

It delivered great effort for only a little torque. What’s more, it made complete a fine showing with regards to cutting grass, as long as the grass wasn’t excessively thick or excessively tall.

With very thick grasses, it needed to make a few goes with this trimmer. With tall grasses, it likewise needed to make extra goes to get it cut. Be that as it may, it would, in the end, cut these extreme or tall grasses.

Specifications :

  • 16″ cutting width, 5-blade ball bearing reel, and 10″ composite wheels.
  • Adjustable cutting height of 0.5″-2.5″ for a clean, scissor-like cut every time.
  • Blades are made of quality, heat-treated alloy steel for staying sharp for a longer time.
  • T-style handle with cushioned grip for comfort; Easy to tool-less assembly
  • Low maintenance and easy to keep; Eco-friendly and requires no gas or oil.
  • 16″ cutting width – 1/2 to 2-1/4 inches Cutting heights
  • Tempered alloy steel reel and bed knife blade with an unbreakable steel side plate.
  • 10″ durable composite wheels with radial tread tire
  • Lightweight – Easy to push and maneuver
  • 4 spider with 5 blade ball bearing reel setup.

Pros :

  • Very easy to assemble.
  • No gas or fumes.
  • Alloy steel construction
  • Lightweight – Easy to push and maneuver
  • Easy to unjam blade obstacles

Cons :

  • This is not for large gardens.
  • Not suitable for tall grasses or weeds. For this, you need the best weed cutter.
  • Blades may need to sharpen more often.

Greenworks Grass Catcher 25052 review

The Greenworks 25052 is a manual reel grass cutter with a sixteen inch wide cutting reel.

The cutting reel has five strong blades made out of solidified steel that will last longer without sharpening. Reel trimmers, for example, the Greenworks 25052 are the main alternative for yard t that are total emission free, so changing to one will altogether bring down your general carbon footprints.

There are various highlights that make the Greenworks 25052 one of the better manual reel trimmers accessible today. Notwithstanding its wide cutting reel, the cutter is intended to be as ergonomic and advantageous as could reasonably be expected.

It’s anything but difficult to keep up and continue running easily, and it is reduced and lightweight for simpler capacity and mobility.

Everything considered, the Greenworks 25052 manual stroll behind push reel trimmer is a conventional pickup in the event that you need something that can deal with a little yard at an economical cost.

Regardless of the shortcoming of the back appended pack, most people are happy with their buy.This comes with amazing features that will surely provide you with the highest level of satisfaction ever.

Specifications :

  • 16 inch cutting path gets the job done quickly and more efficiently
  • 2-in-1 feature provides mulching and rear bag capabilities
  • 4 position height adjustment offers a range of cutting height from 1 1/8″ to 2 1/4″ for the perfect cut on all grass types
  • 10″ front wheels and 2″ rear rollers make it easy to maneuver across your lawn without any hassle.
  • Zero fumes, No Gas, Quiet and Easy to Use for a Green healthy lawn.

Pros :

  • Complete emission free, no gas, no oil.
  • 16 inch wide cutting reel for excellent cutting.
  • Ergonomically designed handle for comfortable grip.
  • Compact and lightweight, easy to push and maneuver.
  • Easy to maintain, you may have to occasionally sharpen the blades.

Cons :

  • This electric reel mower is not good with taller grasses.
  • The design of the rear bag is not well designed.
  • Assembling the mower is a bit tough.

Gardena push reel mower review

Best reel mower with grass catcher

The Gardena 4025-U 15-Inch Cordless Push Reel Lawn Mower gives you an comfortable experience when you need to clip your yard. Rather than expecting to run to the service station, or tire your arm out with pulling and yanking, you can encounter reel mower taking care of business with this excellent yet simple machine.

This maintenance free reel trimmer is both protected and calm. You won’t need to stress over permitting your child using this machine for cutting the grass. It’s likewise battery fueled and cordless so you won’t need to stress over getting your cord tangled in the fight.

This item was really made to be a headache free! This Gardena reel mower is easy to assemble and the guidelines are straight forward so that you can easily understand.

It is also included with battery LED indicator so that you can monitor the battery performance and when to charge or change your battery, an ergonomic structure for the handle and the customizable height controllersetting. The 25volt lithium ion battery ensures you for excellent cutting performance.

In comparison to other reel lawn mowers, this is certainly a step ahead of the fight. If you have a bigger yard, you have the choice to get an extra battery with the goal that you can cut it in one go, notwithstanding, for most gardens, the standard battery will do fine and sufficient.

The flexible settings enable the grass to cut exceptionally fine, or somewhat longer, as per your choice of measurements. The intensity of this simple little machine is stunning, having the option to cut through thick grass with ease. Furthermore, you don’t need to stress over it locking up on the chance that you keep running over a twig. The handle likewise folds easily for simple putting away, and to clean is just a matter of two minutes.

Specifications :

  • Can also be used without rechargeable battery as a conventional reel lawn mower.
  • An LED display indicates battery charge level. Graphics base frequency: 200 MHz
  • Cutting height is easily and infinitely adjustable using a handy controller and cutting-height scale.
  • Ergonomically shaped handle, featuring conveniently positioned switch, makes it easy to push the lawnmower.
  • Powerful, easy-care, 25 V lithium-ion battery for powerful cutting performance and also replaceable.
  • Doubles as a conventional reel mower without the battery.

Pros :

  • Quiet and lightweight.
  • Easy to adjust its height.
  • Easy to clean.
  • With additionally detachable rear bag to put the cut out of grasses.
  • Can cut thick grass easily
  • No gas, No oil- need less maintenance to operate.

Cons :

  • Great product but it is slightly expensive.
  • It is not able to perform well in case of weeds cutting. To cut the weeds properly you need weed cutter.

Worx WG779 powered reel mower review

Best battery powered reel mower

best powered reel lawn mower

The WORX WG779 Cordless Battery operated lawn mower is the best selling cordless garden trimmers in the UK, however exactly how great is it?

The WG779E.2 is a new mower model(2018) and was introduced to replace the older model 40v WG776E. The fundamental difference is that it utilizes two 20v batteries at the same time instead of the one 40v. Why? well in light of the fact that WORX needed to standardize batteries over their scope of cordless gardening devices.

This cutter is without a doubt packed with multiple features found in increasingly higher-end cordless trimmers and surely can cut a grass up to 400 meter square (generally the span of a tennis court and a half) , however it should be contrasted with its nearest opponent, the Flymo Mighti-Mo 300, to pass judgment on how great this cutter truly is.

For those keen on an electric grass cutter not from  Greenworks,Fiskars or Sun Joe, there is the Worx WG779.

It’s a forcefully styled electric cutter that offers some fascinating advantages, not least of which is the way that it is controlled by two 20-volt batteries.

You can modify the stature of the cutting deck with a single switch – there are just three presets, however, which means you are somewhat more restricted with this one as far as dialing everything in. You’ll additionally find that you can cut up to 5,000 square feet on a single charge. That means a 50 x 100 foot segment of garden.

It likewise includes IntelliCut innovation that naturally alters the power yield of the trimmer dependent on use needs to help expand your battery life. Notwithstanding, this cutter just offers a 14-inch cut way, implying that it is more qualified for littler yards.

It folds up easily for simple stockpiling when not being utilized. This cutter incorporates a double port charger with markers that reveal to you battery charge initially.

Specifications :

  • Uses two (2) 20V 4.0Ah batteries for extended runtime and 40V power
  • Patented intellicut technology delivers power on demand – save your battery for when you really need it
  • Foam padded handles provides a comfortable grip for reduced fatigue while cutting
  • Single-lever adjustment lets you select between (3) cutting heights
  • Includes dual Port charger with battery power level indicators
  •  2-in-1 bagging attachment
  •  2-in-1 mulching attachment

Pros :

  • Lightweight.
  • Charging port with smart charging
  • 2-in-1 bagging or mulching system
  • 3 different height settings with easy adjustment

Cons :

  • Only for small lawns
  • Bagger can sometimes be difficult to thoroughly clean
  • Only goes down to 2-inch cutting height

Fiskars Staysharp Push Reel Lawn Mower review

Best Push reel lawn Mower

The Fiskars staysharp push reel lawn mower 6208 is a manual push reel cutter with a cutting reel that is 17 inches wide.

The more extensive cutting edge implies this trimmer will almost certainly cut your grass in less passes.

This garden cutter can cut a similar size grass as a reel trimmer with a twelve inch cutting reel in under 3/4 of the time it would take with the littler trimmer.

The Fiskars 6208 has five cutting edges on its reel that are made of tough warmth treated steel.

The slicing sharp edges are intended to not reach a cutting reel at the back of the trimmer. This is with the goal that they will stay sharp longer than contact reel cutting edges do and require upkeep like honing the reel or back lashing the back edge less regularly.

The Fiskars 6208 has cutting heights somewhere in the range of 1.5 and 3.5 inches. This is somewhat high for a manual reel trimmer, however it additionally implies you will almost certainly let your grass grow somewhat taller before you cut it without stressing over harming it.

Specialists suggest you never cut your garden shorter than 1/3 its underlying heights, and with this reel trimmer you won’t need to stress over doing as such, regardless of whether you let your grass get up to nine inches or taller. The cutting statures are effectively balanced with a helpful one-contact switch.

The trimmer has a one of a kind inertia drive that enables it to manage harder assortments of grass like St. Augustine or Bermuda grass without taking care of business over them.

All things considered, a few property holders like to keep these grasses short, and may locate the 1.5 inch tallness unreasonably tall for their satisfaction. The Fiskars 6208 is a moderately estimated manual reel cutter, and it falls at about the center of the general value go for these machines.

Specification :

  • The smart design of our eco-friendly reel mower offers a cleaner cut without the hassles of gasoline, oil, battery charging, electrical cords or loud engine noise
  • A combination of advanced technologies make the StaySharp Reel Mower 30 percent easier to push than other reel mowers
  • Patent-pending InertiaDrive Reel delivers 50 percent more cutting power to blast through twigs, weeds and tough spots that would jam other reel mowers
  • Comes with a Lifetime warranty.

Pros :

  • No gas or oil required.
  • Lightweight and quiet.
  • Four wheels for smooth rolling.
  • Easy to assemble.

Cons :

  • May require more passes.
  • Not great with taller grasses like crabgrass.
  • May have some issue with sturdiness.

Buyer’s Guide of Best Push Reel Mower

 Before buying a reel mower you should look into various things. Let’s look at the things

Cutting Heights : Many reel mower have different specifications and different cutting capabilities . Many can cut as low an 0.7 inchs and up to 3.5 inch. so look carefully about how minimum and maximum the blade can cut the grass length as per your choice. Because the length of cutting will be as per your choice.

Mower Width : The Mowers comes in different width it start from 14 inch to 20 inches. The wider your mower is the faster you can mow your lawn. So according to your garden choose your mower carefully.

Motor or Manual : There are two types of Reel Mowers available in the market. One is the motor powered, you have to maintain the motor but it can cut with easy and fast. It is louder in sound and it requires oil to run and emits toxic gases.

In the other hand there is manual mower which you need to push to mow your lawn and are eco-friendly.

And there is also reel mower which runs on battery. They operate on batteries and hence produce no toxic gases. They are eco-friendly. They powered with motor and they are easy to mow around your lawn.

Number of Blades : Many mowers comes with various numbers of blades starting from one blade to eight blades. So according to your grass types and lawn area you need to choose your mower and blades. The more the blades the easy and swift it will cut.


Thank you for reading the blog. I hope you have found the detailed review of Reel Mower you want.

We have thoroughly researched for various Garden Trimmers and picked out the  10 best Reel Mower.  You can look into our Editor’s choice, that we have carefully selected by looking at all the features providing by various Reel Mowers.

The list here created are in discrete view of the author only, please review the product before buying as per your needs.


Are Reel Mowers Any Good?

Reel mowers are not only better for your grass but also you can professionally manicure grass with the help of a mower. Reel mower will cut the grass in a Ceasar like way which makes this reel mower really a good grass cutting tool. 

Are reel mowers better than rotary?

Reel mowers are basically preferred for lower mowing heights on the other hand rotary mowers will perform better at a higher mowing height. This reel mower is pretty much effective when the grass remains not too long, wet, or undulating.

Can you cut wet grass with a reel mower?

Reel mowers are basically designed to cut wet or damp condition grasses. You should not run this reel mower through standing water. This reel mower can easily damage the lawn when it remains wet. 

What is the benefit of using a reel mower?

Reel mowers do not produce any kind of noise. It will help you to reduce air pollution, on the other hand, it can save your 100 dollars for lots of years in terms of fuel and maintenance costs.

Will a reel mower cut weeds?

Reel mower will take a longer time to do the job. If you are using a push mower to mow tall grass then it will be not a good idea for you. IF you are having a smaller and flatter yard then reel push mower will be the perfect choice for you. 

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