Best Magnetic Screwdriver Review 2021

So, if you are looking for the best magnetic screwdriver over the Internet then you are in the right place as I am here to discuss some of the best screwdrivers that are available on Amazon and you could consider getting one for yourself or for someone else.

If you are looking for a cordless screwdriver then also no problem you could easily check out our post on the best cordless screwdriver and then make your choice on buying your screwdriver.

Best Magnetic Screwdriver

Let me tell you in short about the advantages of owning a magnetic screwdriver over a non-magnetic screwdriver. Now of course there are certain advantages of a magnetic screwdriver such as multiple screws that you could easily interchange at any time of the work and also you get an option of portability as most of them comes in a set with more than single attachments.

You just need to spend some few extra dollars to buy these kind of screwdrivers and I tried to mention both budget-friendly option as well as premium screwdrivers.

Before starting let me tell you who is this article for this article on the best magnetic screwdriver is for those who are looking for a screwdriver that can easily swipe screws. This is possible only in the case of magnetic screwdrivers which will make your work much efficient.

Best Magnetic Screwdriver Set

So, buying a set of screwdrivers is much better than buying a single one as you could easily swap their heads according to your needs or requirements.

So, if you frequently need to use a screwdriver then my suggestion would be to get a set of magnetic screwdrivers first of all this will be a one-time investment once you buy it then you could pretty much use it for life long if not life long then at least for years.

So, while discussing the magnetic screwdriver set I will suggest two particular product one would be CREMAX PROFESSIONAL SCREWDRIVER and another one would be SYNTUS PRECISION SCREWDRIVER as I am a techie and I usually need to open up electronic pieces of stuff for that purpose I use both of these at my work.

Best Screwdriver Brand

There are lots of brands that manufacture screwdrivers but for your easy access I am mentioning some so, that you could directly go and check them out

Hey now let’s stop talking and discuss the main part for which you are here. Here I will be telling you, in short, the top three best magnetic screwdrivers that you could choose from and are easily available to you on Amazon.

Let me tell you that the three products that I mentioned below are just for those who don’t have much time to read the full article and is in a hurry you just need to hover around each section to check its price but I have written a full in-depth review of each of the mentioned product that you could easily check out.

The first one will be one of the most rated magnetic screwdriver set on amazon that you could consider getting and the price of it is very reasonable or say very affordable

The second one is from the house of Syntus Precision another great set of screwdrivers that is even affordable than the previous one. So, in short, you could easily say that this one is one of the best variety sets

Finally, this is the product for those who are extremely under budget this is a set of six different screwdrivers that you could easily use for majorly any purposes, and let me tell you that you could easily find this particular product on Amazon for under $10.

So, now move on to the detailed review of each of the products that are worth buying and majorly will deliver you outstanding results.

Best Magnetic Screwdriver Review 2021

Here I will be discussing about some of the most commonly used and popular magnetic screwdriver that you could consider getting.

ORIA Magnetic Screwdriver Kit
best magnetic screwdriver

Starting with the first one ORIA Magnetic Screwdriver Kit this is an affordable one that you could easily find on Amazon for around $15. I have discussed this product under the category of best magnetic screwdriver for pc.

If you are looking for an all in one screwdriver then this may be your one of the choices as it comes with 56 bits screwdriver set that can be easily used in most of the cases starting from Laptop Repairing, Mobile Repairing, Tablet, PC and the list goes on and on.

This is a professional screwdriver that is also both compact and portable for easy carry. And I need to talk on the handle or say grip of this particular screwdriver it is covered with a silica gel that will give you a stronghold during your work time.


  • All in One Screwdriver
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Compact and Portable


  • Not Any
Mini Screwdriver Set
best magnetic screwdriver

I am mainly focusing on the screwdriver sets as you will be getting more options in a small pack and will increase your work efficiency to a next level.

This one is approximately same to the price of the previous product that I mentioned before but to be honest we all love some kind of discounts right for that you just need to keep an eye on this product and try to grab the best deal if not you could also wait for sometime and buy it during the time of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale.

This one is even better than the previous one you get tons of options in this one. The Mini Screwdriver Set is perfect for those who do a lot of electronic works especially guys who repair phones you guys will love it its for sure.

Massive 125 in 1 screwdriver kit that will surely help you with precision works. Also don’t go with the pricing the product that you get delivered is made up of premium quality material that will last you long.


  • Wide Range Of Screws.
  • Strong Build Quality.
  • Budget-Friendly.
  • Easy to Handle.


  • Not as Such
KER Multipurpose Magnetic Screwdriver
best magnetic screwdriver

This is a small and simple multifunctional screwdriver that is available on Amazon for around $13 don’t quote me with the pricing it may vary from time to time according to the available offers.

KER is a 7 in 1 screwdriver that can pretty much perform in all kinds of working situations It has an ergonomically thick handle with non-slip that is designed ins such a way that it will provide you with a comfortable grip and higher torque output.

Don’t underestimate the product the price is low but the quality is top-notch buying this will surely deliver more than what you are expecting one drawback to this product is that it is limited only comes with 7 attachments but on the other hand the products that I mentioned above are basically a full set of screwdrivers that can perform in any situation.


  • Budget-Friendly.
  • Easy To Use.
  • Great Build Quality.
  • Ergonomic Design.


  • Limited Attachments.

Best Magnetic Screwdriver for PC

It’s great if you are purchasing separate computer parts and will assemble it by yourself but for that, you will be needing some screwdrivers that will help you to assemble your PC (Personal Computer) so, here am I to discuss the best magnetic screwdrivers that will definitely help you build it.

The product I will recommend to you will be the ORIA Screwdriver Kit one of the best in class screwdriver kits that has a huge 60 in 1 which is more than enough to handle or tackle any kind of situation.

Firstly it has a flexible shaft that is included in the body, which is great for stereo work as well as other large electronics wherein most of the cases the screws are not on the surface. Secondly, its ergonomic handgrip offers you great slip resistance as it’s made up of silica gel.

Best Electric Screwdriver

Now as most of the things are going electrical such as best electric snow shovel, best electric snowblower, best electric grills, best electric roasters, best electric shaver, and many more such devices.

Electric Screwdrivers are not new as you go towards the more complicated works then to reduce the working effort and time sometimes you need to move on from the old traditional way to the more newer technology.

So, when coming to the pricing these are definitely a bit more expensive than the regular ones I will be majorly mentioning three products in different category such as the best electric screwdriver for small projects, best for dark spaces, best battery support.

Now lets get in to the more interesting part which is the products that I will be mentioning below read these for better understanding.

SKIL Cordless Screwdriver
best electric screwdriver

Ok this one is one of the best for small projects you just need to charge this device and then use it. When coming to the brand SKIL is one of the top rated brand who are famous in manufacturing high quality industry grade tools and has quite a good amount of experience in building the products.

I don’t have to tell you that it is a battery operated device and it requires a lithium-ion battery for functioning. You don’t have to buy it separately the battery will be already included in the box it comes with.

Next coming to a more vital point one of my friend have been using it for quite a long period of time majorly there will be very nominal to very less chance of mechanical breakdown but the battery strength is quite impressive it holds charge and there are no lags in it.


  • Easy to Use
  • Affordable
  • Great Battery Life
  • Perfect For Small Works
  • Best Size and Feel


  • Less Torque
DEWALT 8V Cordless Screwdriver
DEWALT 8V Cordless Screwdriver

Another cordless screwdriver but this one is a bit different as the first thing you will notice is the price this one is quite expensive as compared to the previous one the particular type that I am mentioning here comes with two batteries. This one is not for a newbie you will require some kind of knowledge to operate it.

When coming to pricing you could find this product on Amazon for around $100 but let me tell you the prices very from time to time so keep an eye on it and try to grab the best deal possible.

When talking about power you get what you pay that means it has great power and torque because of which it will engage you to use it more often. But when reading some reviews over Internet a guy mentioned that one of the battery stopped working after six months but when coming to the brand their service is great you will not face much problems.

One another thing you need to remember that it is not compact it occupies a bit of space and also you may face some hard times working in small places for that you could go for the SKIL Cordless Screwdriver.


  • Great Power
  • Wonderful Torque
  • Adjustable Handles
  • Charges in One Hour
  • Variable Speed and Reverse Control


  • Price is on the bit higher side

Best Magnetic Screwdriver Buyers Guide

Now lets move on to the more depth once you invest in there will be very less chance to go backward so, you have to keep certain things in mind before purchasing one for that I am here with the best magnetic screwdriver buyers guide to help you with the purchasing decision.

I will be covering some of the most common things you need to keep in mind such as the pricing, build quality, accessibility, battery-operated or manual, and brand.

  • Pricing– So starting with the price one of the most important aspects of choosing your screwdriver is determining the pricing you will declutter much of your choices that are present in the market which will make your selecting process much easier. A small hint that the product that I mentioned here are majorly under $50.
  • Build Quality– After pricing, this may be the second most important point to talk on that is build quality as you are investing in any of the product you need to know-how is its build quality as you would be using it for quite a long period of time.
  • Brand– I am usually not biased to any of the brands while writing this article but you need to select a brand that has a good reputation also good user review.
  • Accessibility– It’s not that much important but you need to keep it in mind suppose you lost certain screw heads then how easy is it to find a new one in the market.
  • Battery-Operated Or Manual– See if you don’t have much budget then you should go for the manual screwdrivers but if you love technology and can afford a bit more price then you could opt for the battery-operated screwdrivers. You have to keep in mind certain things such as battery backup, power of the device.

These are some of the things there are some other parameters also but these are the basic ones that you need to keep it in mind before making any purchasing decision.

Frequently Asked Questions On The Best Magnetic Screwdriver (FAQ)

Ok , before ending this article lets discuss some of the most frequently asked questions that needs to be answered for better understanding and will hopefully somewhat clearing your doubts.

So, starting with the first question.

Is it OK to use a Magnetic Screwdriver on a Motherboard?

If you are in tension that the magnets may damage your motherboard don’t worry the power of the magnets are not that strong that they will damage your board. But still, if you want some extra precaution then you could definitely keep the magnetic bits away from the exposed circuits.

How Long will a Screwdriver Stay Magnetized?

So, I may be wrong may be right according to my study the average time will be approximately 3 months but it may vary according to how you use it and if its dropped several times the magnets may become weaker over the time.

Are Magnetic Screwdrivers Good?

Magnetic Screwdrivers are great because they pick up and hold screw heads in a certain situation where you could not reach with your bare hands. The best magnetic screwdrivers are those which feel comfortable in your hand and have the right tip for your needs.


As I mentioned before there are tons of screwdrivers that are present in the market but if you read this article then you would know what is my recommendation and what are the screwdrivers that I personally use.

In this particular article, I discussed the best electric screwdriver, best magnetic screwdriver, magnetic screwdriver set, and the magnetic screwdriver buyer’s guide in detail. I am not telling you to buy the products that are mentioned here in this article but the money you will be using is purely yours so my suggestion would be you should do proper research before purchasing.

Hopefully, you got some kind of value out on this article. So, if you liked this article on the best magnetic screwdriver then don’t forget to comment down your thoughts in the comment section below, and also don’t forget to share this with your friends and family.


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