10 best led flood lights of 2020 always use philips led flood light(best brand)

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The Philips Essential SmartBright LED Floodlight is a high quality, water-proof (IP65 rated) flood light which has the following benefits over conventional floodlights: Massive 90% energy saving compared to existing halogen floodlights. Available in 30W, 50W or 70W. Durable and effective heat dissipation design for long 30,000 hour lifetime. Ideal for car parks, gardens, building and shop signage, security lighting, facade lighting, and more.

Introduction of best led flood lights

Apart from sports where LED flood lights give lighting on the playing fields, the lights are also suitable for home and commercial use.

Besides their regular use of playing you can also use it in your home as it will provide good light which is very much necessary. 

Someone living in an apartment will actually find no use for them but for someone having a home with a large yard will benefit from having a few of them placed around. 

Before buying a LED flood light you should have clear conception about the purpose of using the flood light as if you need light in your resting room then you can use 10w LED flood lights,if you need light in your kitchen then you should buy LED flood lights 100 watt, and if you need light in your study room then you should buy LED flood lights 50 watt.

But if you need focus wide area through LED lights then you should buy high power LED flood light 200w or LED flood lights 200 watt. Selecting proper light to serve your purpose is very difficult but in this article we have guide you to choose the perfect one for you but always remember one thing that always use quality led light and quality means philips LED flood light don’t go with other brand for low price as its a matter of your eyes .


Comparison table of LED flood light



Product NameWarrantyOur Ratings
LE LED Flood Lights3 years9.8 
LLT LED COMPACT Flood light2 years9.7
Solla LED Flood Light2 years warranty9.6
GLW 50w Flood Lights18 months warranty9.5

LE 100W LED Flood Lights

3 years warranty9.4
LE 200W LED Flood Lights3 years warranty9.3
Warmoon LED Flood Light18 month warranty9.2
LE 10w LED Flood Lights2 years warranty9.1
GLW 30w LED Flood Lights18 months warranty 9.0
Eiko ECT 120v 500w Photo Flood LampLifetime warranty8.9


Who should buy this LED flood light?

People indulging in playing will purchase this led flood light.    People who live in large flat or large flats should purchase this LED flood light, as this flood light can support them by providing them good light.  

People who needs lights to make lights in a wide area they can buy this led flood light for them as led flood light will provide good light in a wide area. It will provide good  lights.

What are the things you have to notice before selecting a quality LED flood lights before you?

  • You have to notice at the quality of the lights as it is the most important aspect.
  • You have to decide at first for what reason you will use this flood lights in your apartment.
  • You have to notice at the price of the led flood light then you have to compare with the quality of the flood lights as it will help you to select a good flood lights for you.
  • You should notice at the bulb quality of this led flood light which is a important aspect that you should select.

Here we give the table of 10 best led flood lights of 2020:-

Here we describe the features of 10 best L.E.D flood light of 2020:-

LEDMO 50W LED Flood Lights:-

 This L.E.D flood lights is great.  LED flood light 4000 lumens Provides even and bright illumination across 120 degree wide beam angle.  This led flood light has a good balance of brightness and power for the price.   This L.E.D flood light is good for keeping you awake in work spaces.             The light emitted from this 6000 Kelvin unit is a cold, stark white as advertised.  The halogen bulbs had to be handled with gloves, were extremely fragile, if the the tripod tipped over, they would break.  The design  of this flood light is great and everyone will like it. 


  •  The design  of this flood light is great.
  • This L.E.D flood light is good for keeping you awake in work spaces.        


  • None. 

Hyperikon PAR38 LED Bulb, 14W :-

This led flood light provides good light and you will be pretty happy with this led flood light.  These bulbs were a great color and very bright light which is a great with such electric efficient.

This hyperikons CRI90 technology provides near-sunlight quality light for true color rendering and consistency inside your home.  

These bulbs are extremely low-quality and do not last.  So if you think this is a great bulb then you can select this led bulb for you. 


  • These bulbs were a great color and very bright light.
  • These bulb is electric efficient.  


  • These bulb do not last. 

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