I have done a lot of research before writing this article. I had a very deep conversation with one of my relative who has been in the field of gardening for over a lot of years now. Being in the field for many years, he himself did not know how to choose the best landscape rake. The landscape rake is something that is used by all the gardeners but only few of them give the attention they need.

A good rake will help you to make your yard look neat and clean. The same rake cannot be use for levelling out soil, mulch and gravel that has been use for cleaning up the leaves. A landscape rake is needed for shifting soils, glass and other items. A landscape rake is usually more stronger and harder than a traditional leaf rake. It can also be use to clear out branches and other particles that settle in your yard after a storm.


A rake is a tool that includes a row of metal or it can be of wooden that are attached to a long handle. Clearing and gardening task can be done by using a rake. The best use of rake in done by the industries and landscaping. It is consider to be a very versatile tool as it can be used to do a variety of tasks.

best landscape rake

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What is a landscape made up of?

Landscape rake is made up of two thing- Handle, Head and Grip.

THE HANDLE – The most important thing that we have to keep in mind before buying any landscape rake is the handle. It should be comfortable as well as strong. A corrosion resistant handle is consider to be one of the best choice as it works equally well in the moist condition.

There are three types of handle available:

  • Wood : The wooden handle is consider to be very strong however these good quality handles are expensive while the cheap one tends to break easily.
  • Fiberglass : Fiberglass handles are mostly lightweight as well as erosion proof. The cons of this type of handle is that they can become breakable and are bit on the expensive side.
  • Steel : The handles that are made up steel are very strong but they are heavier compared to other handle.
  • Aluminium : The pros of this type handle is that they are lightweight. The cons is that they are weaker than steel handle and is quite expensive.


The strength of the tines depends upon the type of work you want to do. The tines comes in direct contact with the soil, rocks and other particles that we are trying to move.

There are three types of tines available:

  • Wood : The wooden tines are usually durable and light but they are not as strong as metal tines.
  • Bamboo : Tines are made up of bamboo are very flexible but the drawback is that they are really hard to find and are weaker.
  • Plastic : They are cheaper however the heavy duty plastic are pricey. These tines are crumbly in nature.
  • Steel : The best leaf rake’s tines are usually made up steel as they are extremely strong because they are consider to be all in one rake. The only drawback about this tines is that they not corrupt but they can be weak.
  • Aluminium : The aluminium tines does not develop rust but they bend so they chances of breaking increases.


The best landscape rake comes with a soft grip which gives the user the comfort they want while doing long hours of work. They are mostly made up of rubber or silicon grips that provide super comfort. Cheap plastic provides an inexpensive grip which will provide comfort at first but eventually they tend to fall apart.

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Why landscape rake is needed?

There a variety of work that can be done by a landscape rake. It includes leveling the ground, widening the ground coverings and improve the large areas overall. Some of the work done by a landscape rake are as follows-

  • Widening and grading soil – After your garden is being dug up then the next step is to level it up by removing any rocks, debris and small materials. It also helps in planting as the soil can be equally level up. This type of rake are usually used by landscaper to build the foundation or base of the wall. The clumps of dirt can also be removed with a good rake.
  • Removing Debris – Landscape rake is very versatile so whether you have dig a new plant or dealing with any after effect of storm it can help you in both the ways. Collecting debris like rocks, branches or small rocks can be done by landscape rake.
  • Spreading Mulch and compost – Larger areas can be leveled and smooth out with the help of wide head. Both leaf rake and landscape rake help in spreading out the bark.
  • Cleaning up the shoreline– Special landscape rakes are made to clean up the sand and leave a subtle finish on the lake. It is suitable mostly for those who owns a property that has a lake along with a sandy beach.
  • Help in making new gravel paths and driveways- New paths, walkways and driveways can be created without breaking with the help landscape rake. It should be strong enough so that gravels and debris can be easily widen.
best landscape rake

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Features of a landscape rake

HEAD – The landscape rake has teeth has two sides- one side to move soil whereas other side is used for grading as it is flat. Finer leveling is done with the help of special leveling blade.

The width of the landscape rake head is very vital. It ranges between 8 and 46 inches wide. Work can be done more quickly if we use a wider head. Too wide rake is not suitable for tiny spaces if you want to use rake in the smaller area.

TEETH – Just like in garden rake the design of the teeth is really important in the performance of landscape rake. Capturing tiny particles becomes easy with tightly packed teeth whereas longer teeth goes deeper in the soil. Teeth made up of steel or aluminium won’t get eroded. Less digging out is done if the teeth are rounded rather than pointed.

BRACES – Braces are usually feature with the landscape rake which has most durable heads. Some braces reaches from the head to the handle as they are toughest while other just wrap around the handle.

HANDLE – Landscape rake are usually made up of three materials- wood, aluminium or fiberglass.

Wood : They are highly long- lasting but are can be bit on the expensive side. Most of the lawn rake are made up of wood.

Aluminium : Handle which are made up of aluminium are really light in weight. The only drawback in this type of handle is that they can be pricey.

Fiberglass : The best landscape rake are usually made up of fiberglass as they provide with the lightest handles. However, they are not long lasting like wood or aluminium. The landscape rake’s handle should be around 72 inches for a tall person.

PRICE : Price plays a very vital role purchasing the best landscape rake. Lower quality rake’s prices usually range between $30 to $40 whereas higher quality rake’s prices usually range from $45 to $45. The highest price on should spend on buying a good leaf rake should be not more than $100.

best leaf rake

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Consideration while choosing a landscape rake

LONG LASTING – We look for durability in the best landscape rake as we do when we look for best garden rake or best lawn rake. Durability is the main feature that we look for before purchasing any kind of rake. A rake has a variety of work to do such as moving heavy soil, removing debris or moving heavy soil. So they are usually made up steel or aluminium as it reduce the chances of breakage or bending.

Aluminium is prefer more than steel as they are lighter than steel which is most suitable for landscaping steel. When it comes to handling wooden or steel handles are tougher than the fiberglass handle. A rake with braces should always be the priority as they strengthen the head.

ASSEMBLY – Larger rakes are consider to be the best landscape rake. Being large in sizes they are often shipped in parts rather than fully assembled. They are easy to connect as you only have to connect the head rake with the handle. In some models you also require to attach the braces.

best landscape rake

Landscape rake for tractors

Landscape rake are consider to be a root rake. Landscape rake for the tractor are not like a regular rake. They are more long lasting than the regular ones and have the ability to go much more deeper in the grounds. It is done with the help of tractor as it cannot go much deeper into the grounds with the help of bare hands.

They are the tool which help you to do work that cannot be done by a single handle.The two main task for a landscape rake is first to clear the field of debris and second is to level up the top soil smoothly. A tractor’s landscape rake should be durable enough to take a ton of force for carrying tough roots and heavy rocks.

Sometimes wheels are also provided to get the consistent level of depth by providing point of contact with the ground. It helps to smooth out the top soil more efficiently. To cover 50% ground, 6ft width landscape rake will be suitable. On the other hand,4ft landscape rake are not cheap but you can go for this one if you want it to use for tighter space.

Keeping everything in mind, I have come up with some recommendations according to me for the best landscape rake for the tractors. So here are some of my favorite choices among all available in the market-

best landscape rake

Best Landscape Rake Review 2021


In the list of best landscape rake for tractors my first choice would be the Agri Fab 45-0366 Ground Engaging Attachment Sleeve Hitch GT Rock Rake. The reason behind it is because it is sturdily constructed and all the debris can be cleared easily from the ground. The tall rake tines is also really incredible which ensure that performance is really up to the mark. It can be use prep up the soil and for clearing up the brush.

About the product:

  • For operating this rake you require a sleeve hitch.
  • It quickly covers large area with 48” working width.
  • It gives a well- groomed look with 24 angle adjustment.
  • Toughness and durability is provided with 1/4” heat treated steel tangs.


  • The rakes tines is incredible which makes this the best landscape rake for tractors. Tines are irreplaceable.
  • It helps to collect a large amount of debris at once with help of its width.
  • Assembling it easy.
  • It can be angled both left and right


  • It is not idle for drawing back.
  • Ground engaging is needed to hitch the work.
best landscape rake

This is the best landscape rake if you have needles in your lawn and you want to get rid of it quickly. Larger area can be covered and can be used to clear all types of materials. However, heavy things like rock cannot be handle by it as the steel tines may tend to bend as they are not strong enough. The most incredible feature about it is that it has coiled spring.

About the product

  • It has 60 inch working width.
  • It is made up of robust steel pines.
  • Planned with coiled steel pines.
  • One year of warranty is also available in this product.
  • It also feature 3- point hitch.


  • Power coating help in resisting corrosion.
  • You get one year of warranty.
  • Steel tines are replaceable.
  • It can perform multiple task.


  • Assembling is quite cumbersome.
  • Steel tines are expensive so replacing it can be a task.
best landscape rake

Landscape rake for removing rocks

Proper growing of roots are assured by the soil present. Availability of rocks in the soil makes the task difficult. The preparation of soil also becomes really hard. So to avoid such situation we should practice racking. Racking helps to clear all the unwanted materials from the lawn efficiently.

A variety of rakes are available in the market. So, i have picked up a few to review so that i can provide you with the best landscape rake for removing the debris and the rocks. A detailed structure will be provide below.

Best Landscape Rake


If you love gardening then the Midwest 10036 Aluminum Landscape Rake is the best landscape rake for you. It is really light weight so it can be easily handle. Assembling is also really easy as it is of 66*36*4 inches. A well-built steel handle is also provided and it’s long enough so it can reach multiple are at once.

The teeth is long and rounded that helps in smooth raking of the lawn. It is consider to be one of the best because it has a capability of removing high debris. The aluminum handle is connected with the rigid aluminum plug. Keeping everything in mind it is my first choice for best landscape rake for removing rocks.

About the product

  • This rake is made up of aluminum.
  • Teeth are long as well as rounded.
  • Tines are durable and tough.
  • Firm grip is provided through a rubber tip.


  • Bracing is surrounded by strong wrap.
  • Different sizes are available.
  • Professionally can be used.
  • Aluminum rake is of high quality.
  • Usage of this rake is very easy.


  • It is heavy in nature.
  • Lining up of the holes might be incorrect.
Landscape rake for removing rocks


The next choice for the best landscape rake would be Midwest Rake 12036 36” Field Rake for rocks. It is suitable for user as the handle is 36 inch long. Durability of the rake is ensured by the power-coated handle. The making of this rake include vinyl material which make sure that you are provided with non- slippery grip. This rake also protect you from blister.

The plug is connected with the head and handle that is molded. Less rock are rake with the help of raking width. The teeth are round in shape and strong steel is used in the making.

About the product

  • Construction are done with aluminum or magnesium.
  • The length is 66” and width is 36”
  • It has dual rib construction.
  • Grading edge are large.


  • It is perfect for maintaining baseball infield.
  • Very less time is consumed.
  • Heavy jobs cab be easily done.
  • Durable and strong.
  • Best for raking garden rocks.


  • It is heavy and weighs around 4.5 pounds.
best landscape rake under budget

Some of the best landscape rake available


The specialization of this company is manufacturing water cleaning tools. The unwanted materials found in ponds and lakes can be removed with the help of unique solutions. They are innovative and designed in a different way. They are mostly made up of stainless steel.

It is a bit on the expensive side but it is one time investment as it highly durable and long lasting. It is made up of high quality materials. It’s my first choice in the list of best landscape rake because of the given features below.

About the product

  • The rake head width is about 36”.
  • Extra durability is provided by galvanized steel and aluminum.
  • Professional grade aluminium is used in making rake’s head.
  • Specially designed for aquatic vegetation management.


  • Lightweight rake.
  • All the items can be easily removed from lakes or ponds.
  • Have long teeth.


  • Quite expensive product.
  • Delivery charge is quite high for this product.
best landscape rake


Landscape rake is not only use for cleaning up a few leaves but it is also used to handle heavy chores. The best landscape rake is the one which can do both the work very effectively.

It is made up of heavy duty aluminum which has 36 inch head and also have 66 inch long handle. The size of the rake is quite good and it is really light weight.

About the product

  • Tines are short.
  • 66 inch long handle
  • 36 inch head.
  • Made up of heavy duty aluminum.


  • Head and handle are extra strong.
  • Suitable for bigger projects.
  • Chores are speed up by wide heads.


  • It does not have steep handle to head angle.
  • Aluminum tines are be easily bendable.
  • Tines are short.
best landscape rake


Structron 36” Head Landscape Rake has to be next in the list of my best landscape rake. It provide smoother raking action as it has rounded teeth. Grading of the finished work can also be done with the help of striking edge. Head stability can be ensured by double rib construction and wrap around bracing.

Comfort grip could be provided for the long hours with the help of fiberglass. The fiberglass is 100% made in USA.

About the product

  • This product is made in USA
  • The size of the head is 36
  • Availability of replacement handle.
  • Head is made up of heavy duty aluminum steel.
  • Cushion grip is there to provide comfortable handle as it is made up of fiberglass.


  • Aluminum prevent rake to rust.
  • User can for work for longer hours with the help of comfort grip.
  • Strength is added with help of double wall construction.


  • Chances of cracking as the handle are made up of fiberglass.
  • Tines can also break or bend as it is made up of aluminum.
  • Exposed grip tend to crack.


My next choice for best landscape rake would be Black Boar ATV/ UTV Landscape Rake. It is undoubtedly one of the best rake available in the market. The most unique feature about this that the tines are removable so that it can be easily adjust.

This landscape rake is light weight and durable. It is suitable for all kind of task including removing of debris, collecting leaves or removal of rocks. The making of rake includes steel which help it to be streamlined.

About the product

  • It is light weight rake.
  • It can easily installed.
  • 66000 Motorized lift required.
  • Operation requires 66013 manual lift.
  • Superior range of motion.


  • Entire length of rake is utilize my super rigid design.
  • Proper implement angle is maintain by the parallel linkage design as it is lowered.
  • The design is minimalist.
  • One person can easily install as it is lightweight.


  • It can be bit on the expensive side.
  • Operations requires both motorized or manual lift.
best landscape rake

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the main use of landscape rake?

Gardener main tool is consider to be a rake. The main work of a landscape rake is to clear out the garbage and fallen leaves. It also helps to cultivate the soil and eliminating seeds and roots from the soil. As a result, it eventually help in improvement of aeration which leads to concentrate ground with air and moisture.

Can I use my leaf rake for landscape raking?

My answer to this question would be no as leaf rake is not as tough as a landscape rake. It is hard for a leaf rake to handle debris, rock or any other hard materials. The main reason behind it is that the teeth are usually made up plastic that can easily split if you use it for heavy works.

How a landscape rake should be clean?

The rake should be hose down after each use. The materials should be wiped away using damp cloth if they are stuck to the teeth. In this way you can clean and maintain your landscape rake.

How to make a landscape rake by yourself?

Earlier I have mentioned that for different purpose different kinds of rake are required. Sand rake is rarely use whereas leveling rake are mostly use. Tool to rake leaves can also be purchased to clean the water of lakes or ponds.


In the end, I would like to summarize the whole article at once so that you can make your choice easily. By reading the article you can easily make out how important is to purchase a landscape rake for your garden. My recommendation would be that you should always go for the heavy materials like aluminum or steel rake rather than plastic rake.

As I mentioned previously that different rake are for different purpose so make your choice wisely. Purchasing wrong landscape rake will eventually not give you the desired result. This was some of my choices for best landscape rake available.

I hope this article was useful to you and has helped you to pick the best landscape rake according to your preference. If you find this article useful comment below and do let me know. Your feedback would be highly appreciated and acknowledge.

Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family and also don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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