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Best Ethernet Crimping Tool

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Best Ethernet Crimping tools

best ethernet crimper

After research, our experts have given a list of 10 best Ethernet crimping tool. These crimping tools are capable of crimping cat5 cable, cat5e cable, cat6 cable with RJ45, RJ11, RJ12 connectors. Even you can use these crimping tools like a wire cutter. So read our full review about crimping tools and choose the best ethernet crimper among them.

An ethernet crimping tool is ideal for cut, strips and crimps the terminal point of a connector cable. Not as easy as I said, before crimping you have to lineup all the 8 cables according to crimping rules then you can crimp that terminal using ethernet crimper. If you still confused to determine whether you crimp rightly or not. Then you can check these ethernet crimping tester tool to check you crimping is right or not. As we know in networking whether we crimp cat5 cable, cat6 cable or cat5e cable all terminal points will connect to an RJ45 connector. Even there are some other connectors also like RJ11, RJ12, etc. End of the post we discuss all the differences between connectors as well as describe cat5 cable, cat6 cable, cat5e crimping process.

Our Recommendation

Trendnet ethernet crimping tool is our recommended crimping it’s not only cheap but also durable. Using Trendnet Ethernet crimping tool you can crimp any cat5, cat5e, cat6 cable. In one tool you can crimp any cable into RJ45, RJ12, RJ11 connectors.

Comparison Table of RJ45 Crimper 2021

List of best RJ45 Crimper or Best Ethernet crimping tools 2021

TRENDnet Ethernet Crimping Tool Review 

Amazon Most Selling Ethernet Crimper

TRENDnet Ethernet Crimping Tool

Usage of this ethernet crimper – Using Trendnet Ethernet crimping tool you can crimp any cat5, cat5e, cat6 cable. In one tool you can crimp any cable into RJ45, RJ12, RJ11 connectors. 

Build quality of the tool –  It comes with interchangeable blades and appears to be really well made. It held up very well and the adjustments of spring tension were a nice touch.  This crimping tool is made of steel products which make this crimping tool durable.

Cuts cable up to  8 to 6 position modular plugs –  Crimp tool TC-CT68 crimps, strips, and cuts cable for 8 and 6 position modular plugs.

Weight of the crimping tool –  The weight of the crimping tool is 0.7 lb which is very light to use.

  • Cuts the end of the cable with a nice sharp blade which looks like it is both sharpenable and replaceable.
  • Strips off the outer jacket with a not-so-obvious indent and blade close to the blue rubber grip end.
  • Steel construction.
  • It comes with an extra blade for punching down only.

UbiGear Ethernet crimper Review

Best Ethernet Crimping

Usage of This crimping tool –  Ubigear Ethernet crimping tool can use to crimp any cable into RJ45 connectors. 

What’s in the box ?– 1. Network crimper tool, One cable tester, one wire stripper, 100 RJ45 connectors. So you get excessively numerous at a little cost.

Warranty period:- It provides a year warranty which is really great as the price of this crimping tool is really low still then it provides durability which every buyer wants from a cheap rated product.

Protects your hands while doing electrical tasks – This crimper has a  protective case made from leather which will protect your hands while doing electrical tasks.

  • A free cable tester
  • A free wire cutter
  • cheap price.
  • Free RJ45 connectors.

Platinum HD Crimper Tool Review

Platinum HD Crimper Tool

 Usage of this ethernet crimping tool- It works well on or compatible with RJ45 and RJ12/11 connectors as well as other standard modular plugs. 

This heavy-duty tool is the perfect solution when working with high performance, larger wire gauges, thicker, harder insulation and pair separating splines.

Zero flex frame prevents torque loss –  The zero flex frame prevents torque loss while the tool dies head assembly provides 360 degrees of connector support. 

Crimp Tool is designed for the professional installer demanding consistent, reliable and repeatable terminations, every time. it also has a built-in cutter and stripper for rounded and flat cable.

  • insulated grip. 
  • The zero flex frame prevents torque loss.

Klein Tools Ratcheting Modular Crimper Review

Klein Tools Ratcheting Modular Crimper

usage of this crimping tool – It works well on RJ45, RJ22, RJ12, RJ11. So buyers can use this crimping tool on any cat5, cat5e, cat6, cat6a cable. 

Build quality of the tool:-  This ratcheting modular crimper is a fast, reliable crimp tool with a steel body for durability with ergonomic comfort grips. So this crimping tool has solidity as it is made of steel or as its body is made of steel. It is durably made from steel and finished in black oxide for high performance. 

Crimping function is perfect – The cable jacket stripping function works great. The blades are perfect and don’t nick the conductors. 

Smaller size – As we know smaller size crimpers are easy to operate and this crimper is small and easy to use. 

The crimp tool offers reliable, easy-to-use, and affordable solution to meet immediate cutting needs. It has a ratchet mechanism to keep tool closed when not in use.

  • smaller size as we said earlier smaller crimpers are easy to operate.
  • easy gripping.
  • Ratchet mechanism.

Platinum Tools EZ-RJ45 Crimper Review

Platinum Tools EZ-RJ45 Crimp Tool

Usage of This ethernet crimping tool – This platinum crimp tool works on RJ-11, RJ-12, and RJ-45 connectors.

Build quality:-  This crimping tool has a comfortable grip and a ratchet keeps safe buyers while doing work.  This tool is manufactured from steel and includes a convenient wire cutter and stripper in the handle. 

Cut the wires in one easy simple operation – This high-quality ratcheting crimp tool is designed to quickly crimp and cut the wires of the EZRJ45 Connector… in one easy simple operation!

Maintains a combination of affordable price and quality- This crimp tool is a good combination of affordable price and quality & utility of functionality.  So every buyer should target to get this platinum tools EZ RJ45 crimp tool as it maintains a combination of affordable price and quality.

This crimping tool has straight connectors which give more stability or durability.

  • Excellent Grip quality.
  • Maintains a combination of durability at an affordable price.
  • Cut the wires in one simple and easy operation.

NYKKOLA RJ45 Network Lan Cable Crimper Review

Best Ethernet Crimping Tool

usage of this crimping tool – These instruments are designed especially for RJ45 and Cat5 Ethernet systems. So if you are dealing with such type of connections, at that point bring them home.

Cheaper in the price – This tool works good and the price of this crimping tool is really cheap which will really help the people to use this crimping tool in the most common network. The tool worked well and compressed the pins well. 

The lighter weight makes it easy to use:- It is not those heavy tools that would just wear you out based on weight alone. It has a compact design makes it convenient for use. As this crimping tool is lighter in weight it is great for the buyer.

Best crimping tool for professionals – This crimper is made for professional users so if you are want to use this crimping tool for daily usage then I will say you that don’t go for any other crimping tool as this is the best crimping tool for professional use. 

  • Lightweight easier to use.
  • The compact design makes it convenient for use.
  • Really cheap crimping tool.

New RJ45 Network Lan Cable Crimper Tools Review

Best Ethernet Crimping

An ideal choice for home clients-  It is for the home clients who require a crimp tool just on more than one network setup, this is the ideal choice for them.

Usage of this ethernet crimper –  You can use this crimping tool for the RJ45 connector and Cat5 cables.

Easy to use as it is lightweight  This crimper tool is lightweight and it is pretty much easy to use and this crimper has a compact design.  

Crimps work well – These Crimps work well, the blades on this is nothing more than pencil sharpeners, but other than that, it is very inexpensive, so this crimping tool will be great. 

  • It’s only RJ45 crimper tool that’s why its price is too cheap.
  • According to price, this product is perfect. But if you want to buy a crimper for professional use. Then go for a higher-end sturdy Ethernet crimper.

EZ RJ Professional Crimp Tool Review

Best Ethernet Crimping

Build quality – It is made of hardened steel as its construction is durable and delivers more torque during the crimping cycle so its build quality is excellent.

Where you can use this crimping tool ?- You can use this crimping tool for EZ RJ11/12 and RJ45 as it is very much useful for extended copper.

Provides long-lasting durability and stability-  Wire Crimping Tool is made of professional-grade heavy-duty steel so it delivers exceptional torque without bending. It has a black oxide finish resists rust and corrosion, making our wire terminal crimper an outstanding addition to your electronics tools. This black oxide finish provides durability.

Money back guarantees up to 90 days- It ensures your satisfaction. If you aren’t impressed with the durability and performance of Platinum Connector RJ45 Crimping Tool, return it you will get full refund of your money.   

  • Excellent durability and stability.
  • A refund of your money is available for 90 days.

Sainsmart pin compression ratcheting modular crimping tool Review

Best Ethernet Crimping

Build quality:- It is made of a medium-duty metal die so it will provide long-lasting durability. I think durability is the most important thing which every buyer should look for as it will recover you your money.

Provides insulated handle- This crimper provides an insulated handle which is really great as it will help you while you will work or cut wires.

Blade quality-  The blade quality of this crimper is excellent. It cut the wires very easily as it helps in cutting.

Provides warranty period   – This crimper provides one year warranty which is really great. If you get one year of security then what else you want for. 

  • One years of warranty.
  • Quality insulated handle.

Fluke Networks Modular Crimper Review

Best Ethernet Crimping

Usage of This ethernet crimping tool –  This crimps 8-position RJ-45 connectors and 4- and 6-position RJ-11 and RJ-12 connectors. 

Blade quality:- Blade quality of this crimping tool is really excellent.  This crimping tool will cut with a very easy effort which really catches the attention of the buyer as it will cut wires with minimum effort.

Build quality:- The build quality of this modular crimper is really great. It is made of full steel construction with a ratchet mechanism.  

Warranty period:- This crimping tool provides a limited period warranty which is really great as it provides durability which gives assurance for your money.

Easy to use as it is lightweight:- This crimping tool is lightweight which helps in portability or helps in cutting wires as you will feel handy by using this crimping tool.

  • It can crimp Crimps 8 position RJ 45 connectors, 4 and 6 positions RJ 11 and RJ 12 connectors.
  • This crimper also has an embedded cutter and striper.

Best Ethernet Crimping Tool – Buyer’s Guide

These things you should check before purchase any Ethernet crimper. 

  1. Features – Before purchasing any crimping tools first of all check these features in crimping tools. Features that you should check – 1) compatibility – check whether your ethernet crimperchoice crimping tool can crimp all connectors or not. If you only want an RJ45 crimper then you can skip this checkpoint. Otherwise, get a compatible ethernet crimper. 2) Availability of stripper and cutter – Having an inbuilt stripper and cutter feature would be very handy. No one would like to bear an extra cutter and stripper tool for that. 3) Availability of ratchet mechanism – Ratchet mechanism means an ethernet crimping tool will automatically close its crimping and cutter section after successful crimping. This is been a great safety measure that you can find on some above-listed crimping tools.
  2. Build Quality – Most of the Ethernet crimping tools are built with stainless steel. But in amazon or local store, you may find plastic or fiber build an ethernet crimping tool at the cheapest price. But honestly, those tools never going to lasting many days.
  3. Grip Quality – Always goes with soft handle with scar marks. This type of handle always keeps your grip tight and stay away from the plastic grip, after some days of usage you might feel very slippery in the plastic grip. 
  4. Price – It totally depends on your budget. In amazon, you can find a $10 to $100 ethernet crimping tool. But do check the availability of the above features before purchasing.
  5. Warranty – Some of the above-listed Ethernet crimpers are offering one year warranty. It’s obviously a plus point. So having an ethernet crimping tool with a year warranty is like butter on ice. 
  6. Miscellaneous –  Even some of the above-listed tools offer free cable tester as well as free RJ45 connectors. Do check if they still offered those or not. 

RJ45 Crimper, RJ11 Crimper, RJ12 Crimper – F.A.Q

What is a crimping tool?

A crimping tool is a device which is used to conjoin two pieces of metal by twisting one or both of them in a way that causes them to hold one another.

How does the crimping tool Work?

At first, you have to place each wire into the connector. Once all the wire is in the jack the connectors with wires are placed into the crimping tool, after that handles are squeezed together. Crimping punctures the plastic connector and holds each of the wires allowing for data to be transmitted through the connector.

what is RJ45 connectors?

RJ45 is an 8 pin connector that mainly use to network base connected to your computer. This is the most common twisted-pair connector in users.

what are RJ12 connectors?

R12 is a 6 pin connector that widely used in telephone base connection. It is also known as the 6 conductor connector.

What is RJ11 connectors?

Same as RJ12 connectors but used on old telephone base connection.

What is a cat5 cable?

Cat5 is an unshielded twisted pair cable. It’s commonly used in computer networks, it provides up to 100mHz frequency and can able to transfer data 10-100 Mbps speed.

What is cat5e cable?

Its the updated version of cat5 cable. While it also provides 100 MHz frequency but it can transfer data up to 1000 Mbps or 1 Gbps speed.

What is the cat6 cable?

Cat6 is a shielded twisted pair cable. Due to the shielded feature, it reduces cross-talk. where the cat6 cable can continuously produce 1000 Gbps speed up to 164 feet long. where it produces a 250mhz frequency.

How to crimp cat5 cable?

First of all, buy an ethernet crimping tool from the above list. Even you can buy a cat5 cable from Amazon.
Now using your crimper blade trim wire insulator.
Now you will find 4 pairs of twisted cable.
Now arranged them in this order – green and white-green, orange and white-blue, blue and white-orange, brown and white-brown.
line up the 8 wires neatly and put it into the plastic head of RJ45 connectors.
After that, you can check that connectivity on the cable tester.


So here we give the features of the 10 best Ethernet crimping tools 2021 which will help the buyer to select a quality ethernet crimping product for their work to solve any purpose.

So it’s time to make the decision you should read our buyer’s guide carefully before buying the ethernet crimping product for your work. If you are satisfied with this ethernet crimping you can recommend it to your friends and relatives.

If you liked this article for what so ever reason then consider sharing this with your friends and family also consider sharing your thoughts in the comment section below.

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