Best battery operated fans of 2019 rechargeable and portable fan

In this best battery operated fans post, we have listed the name of some great fan company such as Bajaj battery fan, o2 cool battery fan, etc. In this list, we also selected best battery fans on the basis of different criteria like – portability, size, rechargeable, for home, for camping etc.

Introduction of best battery operated fans

Best battery operated fans is very much necessary as these days we are suffering from lots of load shedding or power off problem.

I think in this summer no one can  stay without a fan for a minute. So i think this battery operated fan will be very much useful for this summer as it is battery operated fan.

So what is your view or rather what you will do? If you take my suggestion then i will say that you should buy this battery operated fan as it will give you  cool air to your room during power off.  

This battery fans are very much portable you can take this fan from one place to another. So you can use this fan for multi purpose task like you can use this fans both for your house and in your work related area.

So through out this post we will discuss about the best  battery operated fans of 2018 which will help you to buy a quality   battery operated fans for you.

 To avoid a poor selection of products, you must consider the recommendations from the professionals who have tested it. Besides user reviews, the  best  battery operated fans are also tried for conversion effectiveness, output wattage, and protection from fault when use.

Best battery operated fans comparison table


Product Name Battery life Ratings

o2cool 10 inch fan

56 hours on low speed 37 hours 9.8

O2Cool NEW 10″ Battery Operated Fan

Durable battery 9.6

BLUBOON Clip on Fan Battery Operated Fan

 Very durable, long lasting battery 9.5

SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Mini Desk Fan

 2.5~6 hours working time 9.4

OPOLAR Biggest Battery Powered Fan

Battery can power the unit up to 3 to 6 hours combined 6-12 hours 8.7

O2-Cool 10-Inch Portable Fan

Hold charge for quite long days 9.2

10″ Portable Fan

long lasting battery 9.1

O2cool 5″ Battery Operated Portable Fan

 Last up to 55 hours 9.0

Mini Battery Operated Fan

Last 50-150 minutes 8.9

Innobay 4-inch Personal Battery Operated Fan

Battery lasts all night long on low setting


 Here we describe the features of 10 best battery operated fans of 2018:-

o2cool 10 inch fan

Size of the blade  –  The size of the blade is 10 inch which is really nice as air of the fan depends on the size of the blade.

Smart power technology- This battery operated fan is automatically selects lowest cost power option. So this battery operated fan will reduce your electric bill which will help automatically  reduce your expenses.

Designed with an outer range color shell- It is designed with an outer range color shell, for an easy detect at night or while at an emergency and power outage.

Its indicator light will remind you whether the fan is charging or not-  It has an indicator light that will tell you or remind you that the fan is charging or not. So its indicator light gives you a sort of reminder which will really helps you.

The 10 inch fan includes an ac adapter which is really great. Its compact design makes it great for travel and storage which will really help you.battery operated fans


  • Portable and powerful air source for the size.
  • Pretty much easy to assembel.
  • It has three mode power option.


  • None.

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O2Cool NEW 10″ Battery Operated Fan

Size of the blade-  This  02 cool new battery operated fan is  really perfect size. So this battery operated fan will gives you lot of pleasure by giving air. 

You can also use this battery operated fan at the picnic table when you will prepare your meals, that help keep the bugs away with a little added comfort while preparing food in the hot sun.

Battery lasts for long period of time – The batteries also last for a surprisingly long time. So this battery operated fan will give you service for quite a long period of time which will satisfy every buyers. 

Provides comfort- This battery operated fan will provide you great comfort with its air which really give you pleasure in hot summer. 

 It is a great purchase not only for the cost but it will put out just enough air to be comfortable in the hot summer.

Really perfect size to put on a night stand – The fans are not small but also not too large to put on a night stand. It is really perfect size and they work.


  • Really perfect size to put on a night stand.
  • The batteries  last for a  long time.
  • Provides limited period warranty.

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BLUBOON Clip on Fan Battery Operated Fan

Size of the blade-   It is a small about 2 2half inches , great little fan very strong.

Rotate any where and produce strong airflow – The  clip battery powered fan can literally rotate to cover anywhere you want to aim it 360 degrees producing a strong airflow which every buyers want during the hot summer.

You can use this mini desk fan in the summer, lightweight and suitable for home, office, travelling outdoors, walking, studying in the school, working or sleeping. 

Adjust the speed low to high – The fan has a wheel style control on the back panel  so you can adjust the speed low to high at your will. I think its a great advantage for the buyer as they can change the direction and speed of their fan according to their will.

It is quiet and moves a lot of air. It is also much lighter than our previous clip on fan.

Gives long lasting battery and fast charging – Its single battery had enough life to meet your needs but the second was always charged and ready to go.  It has a very durable, long lasting battery depending on speed, and fast charging.

Best battery operated fans
Best battery operated fans



  • Rotate anywhere and produce strong airflow.
  •   It is a very durable, long lasting battery fan.
  • Fast charging fan.

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innobay 4-inch Personal Battery Operated Fan:- Best battery fans for home 

 Battery is quick and easy to change out – This portable rechargeable fan powered by premium Samsung 2600mAh lithium battery (much safe and efficient).  The battery is quick and easy to change out.

  Convenient fan to carry anywhere and anytime –  It is a convenient fan to carry anywhere and anytime for personal use, especially for outdoor camping, travelling, fishing etc.

Has a 3 settings of the air flow speed This fan has a 3 settings of the air flow speed: high, mid and low. Its 3 adjustable fan speed settings to keep you comfortable in many conditions.

The fan works from 2.7-10.8 hours after fully charged which means the battery lasts for quite a long period of time.

Provides upto 13.0 wind speed – The maximum of other USB fans, with similar sized blades, is 9 mph wind speed. This fan provides 13.0 mph, 10.5 mph, or 8.4 mph maximum wind speeds depending on the setting.

Warranty – This fan offers limited period warranty which is really nice. 



Best battery operated fans
Best battery operated fans



  • The battery is quick and easy to change out.
  • Convenient fan to carry anywhere and anytime.
  • Provides  3 settings air flow.


  • None.

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OPOLAR Biggest Battery Powered Fan – Best battery operated fan

Work with just one or both batteries –  This fan can work with just one or both batteries. One battery can power the unit up to 3 to 6 hours and both combined can last for 6 to 12 hours.

The fan comes with 2 of the best quality lithium-ion 18650 2200mAh batteries. Each battery has been quality tested three times to ensure the best condition before leaving factory; you can also power or charge the fan via USB to use with computers, power banks, or wall adapters.

Gives adjust-ability 360 degree up and down – There are two speeds for your choice of air flow. The sturdy metal frame is able to be adjusted 360 degree up and down so you can choose the wind direction easily according to your height or position.

Warranty – Oppolar offers one year warranty against defects.

Compact for easy portability –  This  fan is built sturdy and compact for easy portability and weighs only 1.78lb.  Therefore, it is a great addition to your office desk. It also has a handle with which you can carry it.


  • Runs 10.5hrs on batteries on the low setting.
  • Provides one year warranty.
  • Small, lightweight and simply nice looking.


  • None.

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O2-Cool 10-Inch Portable Fan

 Its foldable design makes it very easy to carry along – This portable fan has a foldable design making it compact and very easy to carry along.

These work great in a mobile home bathroom small window where hard wiring an exhaust fan would be too much of a hassle running wires, etc.

 Ideal for outdoors activity  In spite of the fact that this fan works on 1 speed, it has a decent and high wind airflow. It’s ideal for outdoors activity as its battery lasts for a quite a long period of time. So it is perfect for camping and outdoor activities.

Made of heavy plastic – The fan is made of a heavy plastic so lightweight to store or take in the car if you are traveling! So i think this fan is portable which you can take where you want. 

Folds upto a very compact size- This portable fan folds upto a very compact size and has an adapter cord if you want to plug it in and use it. 

Battery- The batteries are pretty much strong which can hold the charge for quite a long days.  As in a battery fan holding charge is a pretty much necessary item so this battery fan will be pretty much useful.

Warranty – This battery operated fan offers limited periods warranty.



Best battery operated fans
Best battery operated fans



  • Made of a heavy plastic.
  • Ideal for outdoor activity.
  • Battery lasts for quite a long period.


  • None.

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10″ Portable Fan-  Battery powered fans for camping 

Very light weight and provides nice breeze –  It is  very light and the speed of the fan gives you a nice breeze. There are only 2 settings low and high. 

Great for the kitchen counter – The fan is light enough that you can hang it if you can manage doing that in the room. It is great for the kitchen counter.

Run on the alkaline batteries for up to 72 hours – Its motor is amongst the best energy-saving. It will run on the alkaline batteries for up to 72 hours.  So it will save electric power and run for quite a long time. 

Compact design-  Its compact design maskes it great for travel and storage. So you can take this fan with yourself wherever you will go as it is a folding fan. 

If main power for A/C goes down and the Temps are up toward the 100s it can help to keep you cool if you
have your batteries ready and plentiful.

Comes with ac/dc adopter – It comes with an AC/DC adopter jack with which it can be plugged into a wall socket for indoor use. This consequently encourages you to save the battery power.battery operated fans



  • The fan has two speeds, and it moves an impressive amount of air for its size.
  • Lightweight.
  • If main power for A/C goes down and the Temps are up toward the 100s it can help to keep you cool if you
    have your batteries ready.


  • You cannot clean up easily.

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O2cool 5″ Battery Operated Portable Fan

It features two speeds and compact design-  The O2Cool 5″ portable battery operated desk fan features two speeds and quiet operation.  This fan has compact folding design makes it ideal for travel.

Works well – These fans are battery powered that you can take anywhere you go to keep yourself cool when you need it. It works well, quiet and battery life is about 45 hours on high.

Its simple slide control switches power on/off & changes output high or low. It can be controlled while blindfolded with one hand tied behind your back.

Quiet on low speed  – The fan is quiet on the low speed as not to disturb your light sleep habits as they were on all night long, the high speed does have more noise but most would not find it annoying at all.

Powerful little fan great for outdoor activity – It is a powerful little fan that works great in a tent. So you can take this little fan with yourself where ever you want to go maybe in a picnic spot during summer or maybe in a tourism. 


  • Works well.
  • Powerful fan great for outdoor activity.
  • Quiet on low speed.


  • None.

Mini Battery Operated Fan:-

A very decent fan that clips to a table – It is a very decent fan that clips to a table, desk or table leg or anything else that is within the size of the clip. So you can use this fan in any place or wherever you want. 

Allows you to power it from a computer – Its connectivity allows you to power it from a computer, a portable USB solar panel or any wall socket with a USB power adapter. 

Battery lasts from 50-150 minutes – It runs on USB off 18650 battery and charges off USB. Its battery power will last from 50 minutes to 150 minutes depending on what it speed you are playing it? But it will take about two hours before fully charged. 

It rotates around and tilts up and down allowing you to put the air exactly where you want.  It is easily and securely attaches to just about anything including the carrier handle. 

The fan will swivel or angle up to 360 degrees – The fan will swivel and angle up or down both actions able to do 360 degrees just adjust the angle to it whichever you want.

battery operated fans


  • The fan provides the cool breeze.
  • It’s great for desk and for a small place.
  • This small fan is great for portability. 


  • None.

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SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Mini Desk Fan:-  Battery fan for baby

Its a dream fan for college kids –  This battery operated clip fan is a dream fan that all the college kids should have for their dorm. It is lightweight and obviously, you could clip in on the bed rail.

High speed will cool you down – The fan gives you different speed and the high speed is good enough to cool you down. It also oscillates very quietly. The variable speed is perfect and even the lowest setting is powerful. 

An indicator light will turn red or off when its fully charged – The charging indicator light on the back of the fan will turn red, turn off when it is fully charged. If it is not charging successfully the indicator light is off.

Warranty – This battery fan offers a limited period warranty. 

It has powerful adjustable speed motor and convenient USB charging. So you can select this battery operated fan for you as it has some great features. battery operated fans


  • Powerful fan.
  • Good flexibility.
  • Great for baby on hot days in the car or stroller!


  • None so far.

Battery operated fans: Buyers guide

The best battery worked fans, or versatile fans can be extremely useful positively in light of the fact that you can take them with you going outside.

It is smarter to have a little fan that you can convey it from place to put, but if you have an outlet, you can use any ordinary fan for that.

A portable rechargeable fan is best to take outdoors, keeping in case of an urgent power outage and with you to outdoor activities.

The size of the rechargeable battery operated fans

If you need to carry the fan with you puts, at that point size of the fan will be a great matter, however, that will also play into regardless of whether it is travel nicely.

Size is just simply a superior feature to consider. Ensure that you understand what size the fan is going to be and be alert that it is what you are searching.

Cooling power – The measure of icy air the fan produces must be appropriate for the extent of the room or the place you are utilizing it in.

Material – You need to go for quality materials that are solid and have a decent outline.

Noise level – Pick an intense and productive fan as per your needs, that has a noise level that fits into normal standards.

Which Battery Operated Fan Should You Buy?

These fans are reliable and convenient and are perfect when there is a power outage. They are compact enough to carry with you and small enough to fit in a backpack or purse.

Some of the conveniences of having dual power sources are having rechargeable batteries that can be charged via a power outlet, computer, or power bank and the ability to use a USB cable. And the fans that feature a clip-on design are so practical to use since they can be clipped on a stroller, desk, chair, shelf, strap, or anywhere you need.

The SkyGenuis battery operated clip on mini desk fan is a good choice since it comes with all the features of all the fans. It is compact in size so it fits in a backpack, works with dual power sources that are both included, has various speed levels with a very powerful airflow, and a very strong and sturdy clip that can be attached to almost anything you choose.


So here we give the features of 10 best battery operated fans of 2019  which will help the buyer to select a quality battery operated fan for their work to solve any purpose. So it’s time to take a decision you should read all the review carefully before buying the battery operated fans for your work. If you are satisfied with these battery operated fans you can recommend it to your friends and relatives.

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