10 Best Bathroom Lights which can make your bathroom stylish #6 is our top pick

Best Bathroom Lights review of 2018 is given below. In this post our team have researched on best Bathroom Lights , Considering budget and quality of best Bathroom Lights s. After research our experts have given a list of 10 best Bathroom Lights . And we are sure that through our guide you can purchase the best item for you.

Introduction of best bathroom light

A modern bathroom is moving from just a functional and utilitarian space to place where you can calm and soothe your mood. But still, it is a part of the house which is often neglected in general.

But you can still make it a better place with a proper flooring, good sanitary appliances and most importantly with good lightening. And a good lightening needs great bathroom lights which can decorate your bathroom.It also depends on the size of the fixtures, the types and wattage of bulbs used and the place where the lights are placed. It might be a bath bar, vertical sconce or vanity lights that can do wonders to your bathroom.

So here are top 10 bathroom lights, which can make your bathroom stylish as well as classy.

10 Best Bathroom Lights

Hinkley 5652BN Bath Latitude light

It is a product which is beautifully designed with steel and brushed nickel.

Best bathroom light
Best bathroom light

It gives your bathroom a contemporary and classy look.

Pros: 1.The light is very bright, sharp and sleek can brighten your bathroom like never before.

  1. It is easy to install and easy to handle.

Cons: 1.It is bulb gives quite bright light and consequently, it heats up easily.

  1. If your bathroom is small, it won’t fit the set up as the light is too bright for small bathrooms.
  • Perpetua LED Vanity Sconce Fixture Brushed Nickel 15.5W Dimmable Warm Soft Light Frosted Glass 1300 Lumens 3000K Modern Bathroom Mirror Lighting – 13.5-inch high Linea di Liara LL-SC941-BN:

It is a vertical sconce and gives your bathroom a modern and highly sophisticated look. It has a back plate, decorative faceplate attached to it and has a frosted glass shade.

Best bathroom light
Best bathroom light

It is can go from highly bright lights to highly dimmable lights and is also compatible with a dimmer switch.

Pros: 1.It has shades those face both up and down.

  1. Though it is a bathroom light, it can also be used in bedrooms, corridors, entryways and living rooms, owing to its bold designs.

Cons: 1.It is glass shade is too thin and fragile, so it needs to be handled with a great care.

  1. Installation can be a bit complicated because of the side mount cover screws.

·        CANARM LTD. IVL370A03BPT Hampton 3 Bulb Vanity Light, Brushed Pewter

It gives your bathroom a clear urbane look. Its fixture has a pewter finishing. It includes three 100 watt bulbs and has three lights with borosilicate glass.

Best bathroom light
Best bathroom light

Furthermore, a gleaming chrome plate adds a sleek European look to your bathroom.

Pros: 1. Lovely light pattern.

  1. The fixtures are highly sophisticated and stylish.

Cons: 1.Slightly tricky and complicated to install.

  1. It has no clear provisions for dimmer bulbs.
  • Hardware House 544866 Tuscany 14-Inch by 8-3/4-Inch Bath/Wall Lighting Fixture Textured Black:

It is a two light bath/wall fixture with a textured black finish and alabaster glass.    It is a simple yet an elegant bath light.

Pros: 1.It has a decent price and is give value for money.

          2. It is flexible and it is made up of a sturdy and well-built material which makes it easy to handle without a fear of breaking the same.

Cons: 1.This product has no clear instruction on its package as to how to fit the same, so you need an expert knowledge to do the same.

           2. The light bulb and the glass globe have awkward fit in.

·         Thomas Lighting SL75834 Homestead Bath Light, Chrome

It is a transitionally styled bath fixture with a chrome finish and a swirl alabaster styled glass

Best bathroom light
Best bathroom light

.    It gives your bathroom a conventional look and has a special arrangement for dimmable lights.

Pros: 1.It has a provision for dimmable lights and the fixtures are of good quality.

2. It is easy to install and needs no special experts to do the same.

Cons: 1.This is not a great choice for expensive dwellings.

           2. If you are expecting a super stylish and highly modern look for your bathroom, it might not meet your expectations.

·         Linea di Liara Elina Wall Sconce One Light Bath Vanity Lamp Brushed Nickel with Frosted Glass Shade LL-WL301-BN:

It basically features a frosted glass cylinder that is mounted on polished chrome and brushed nickel housing. It can use a 60-watt base bulb.

Best bathroom light
Best bathroom light

It is a one light vanity bath vanity lamp. It looks great when placed above your bath mirror. Furthermore, it is UL listed and is suitable for the damp locations.

     Pros: 1.It has an inbuilt design, so as that it can give more light output even with a low wattage bulb.

2. It is affordable.

     Cons: 1.The light from the bulbs is just concentrated to a specific area and is not evenly distributed.

2. It does not come with an instruction as to what type of bulb is specific should be used.

·         Minka Lavery 5424-84, Paradox, 4 Light Bath Bar, Brushed Nickel:

This bathroom light will definitely add an aesthetic value to your bathroom. It has an etched marble glass and a finishing of nickel that adds to its beauty.

Best bathroom light
Best bathroom light

It is definitely a great choice if your bathroom has a dark colored furnishing.

     Pros: 1.The fixture is strong and the back panel is quite secure.

2. It can be used for both down light and up light without the glass falling from the fixture.

Cons: 1. A slight alignment variations might be noticed.

                2. Slightly expensive.

·       Schoolhouse Bathroom Light with Two Lights in Chrome Finish:

It gives your bathroom an old school type look. It has polished chrome and takes two 60 watt bulbs.    It gives your bathroom a vintage look and would definitely remind you of your old days.

Pros: 1.It is not that expensive and you can easily afford them.

          2. The fixtures are beautiful and the glass of the globe is thick, so it is convenient to handle.

Cons: 1.The base is too small and it is a bit difficult to stuff in all the wires inside.

           2. The fixtures are not of that great quality and might not withstand too damp conditions.


·         Moen YB5163BN Voss Bath Lighting Three Globe, Brushed Nickel

It gives a transitional look with a warm nickel finishing. It is also flexible and the globes can be mounted up and down, both.    It can support up to 100-watt bulbs.

Pros: 1.It is easy to install.

2. It has a lifetime guarantee.

Cons: 1.It is expensive.

          2. Will not be great if you want a traditional look for your bathroom.

·         Kichler Lighting 5079NI 4-Light Hendrik Incandescent Bath Light, Brushed Nickel:

It gives a complete cosmopolitan look and a definitely a great ambiance for the bathroom.    It has bold designs with a slight touch of soft Asian inspiration which gives it a very beautiful look.

Pros: 1. Great fixture, great lightning and will definitely improvise the bathroom.

          2. Available in two finishes and two glasses so you have options to choose from.

Cons: 1.It is a too expensive purchase.

           2. You might face problem in assembling.


It goes quite unnoticeable but, most of us spend quite a lot of time in our bathrooms. Many times we spend time pampering ourselves in it.

It is our own private space, so why not make it luxurious and beautiful.

We tried our best to provide you the the list of best product list,…

Thanks for reading this post ………..

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