The Top 10 Best Band Saws of 2020-#1 is the best of all


When you’re buying band saws, you’re looking to form an enormous investment in your future. These machines aren’t cheap, and you would like to form sure that you simply get the simplest possible investment for your money. Of course, when you’re shopping online, that’s not always easy to try to. Manufacturers aren’t shy when it involves selling their products, and it means they often tell you the upside and leave the downside out altogether.

  • That’s why we’ve assembled these reviews of the simplest band saws of 2020. we would like you to be ready to get the band saw which will best fit your needs, and so as thereto, we believe you would like to know band saws, whether you’re a novice or an expert. Inspect these reviews to ascertain what’s good and what should be avoided and make certain to see out our buyer’s guide if you’ve never shopped for band saws before.
  • By the time you’ve read this, you’ll know exactly what you’re trying to find during a band saw, which is that, the initiative in buying confidently.


The 10 Best Band Saws:

1. JET JWBS-14DXPRO Band Saw – Best Overall

Sometimes, a machine’s design does almost everything correctly, and therefore the JET JWBS-14DXPRO is one among those machines. It’s a huge capacity, allowing you to tear pieces up to 12” tall, while also maintaining safety with a retractable blade guard that’s adjustable from 0 to 12 inches. And, it does all this without employing a riser block, which can prevent tons of your time, especially if you’re employed on projects of differing sizes.

It also comes with a really large table, at 15” by 15” and therefore the blade adjustments on this model are both fast and straightforward. It also has an easy-view blade tracking window, which allows you to form sure the blade is usually aligned exactly how you would like it.

If there was one downside to the present machine, it’s that it doesn’t have an included rip fence, which can be an honest thing since most manufacturers include cheap fences. Many of us find you buying aftermarket fences anyway. Overall, if you would like a high-quality, powerful band saw capable of easily handling large projects, the JET JWBS-14DXPRO is that the model for you.


  • Large capacity
  • Fast adjustments
  • Large table
  • Easy-view blade tracking window


  • Rip fence not included

2. Grizzly G0555LX Band Saw

The Grizzly G0555LX may be a good band saw on its own, but it comes with tons of features that you simply wouldn’t expect on a model at this price point. It comes with good power and a bigger table, but that’s to be expected.

What set this model apart are the features that it comes thereupon make operation easier. As an example, it comes with computer-balanced forged iron wheels, which means you’re not getting to have a pay extra for a group such as you would with most band saws. It also includes a high-quality fence, which is rare not just for band saws, except for saws generally. It’s also a low-vibration unit, which suggests your cuts will always be high-quality.

The only flaw during this unit is that it’s a poorly-designed dust collection port, which will require some tinkering on your part to make sure compatibility together with your dust collection system. this is often what keeps this model out of first, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an excellent band saw in its title.


  • Quality fence
  • Low vibration
  • Excellent power
  • Cast-iron wheels


  • Poor dust collection

 3. WEN 3962 Band Saw – Best Value

The WEN 3962 not only makes great cuts, but it also gives you incredible value for the cash. This two-speed, 10” band saw features a table which will tilt up to 45 degrees, making it highly-adjustable, allowing you to suit it to the project at hand. If you already own a dust collection system, there’s an honest chance that it’s compatible with this machine, which comes with a 3-in-1 dust port.

Initial setup can take an extended time relative to other units, which is what keeps this model out of the highest 2. If you’re a band saw novice, you’ll find the blade change to be harder than on other units. However, once it’s set up correctly, it’s one among the straightest-cutting and most powerful units on the market.

If this isn’t your first band saw, odds are that you’ll like it. If it is, you’re still getting an excellent band saw, but expect a steep learning curve.


  • Excellent work light
  • Bevelling table
  • Two speeds


  • Blade changes difficult
  • Hard initial setup

 4. Rikon 10-305 Band Saw

If you’re doing smaller projects, you ought to inspect the Rikon 10-305. It lacks a general power needed to chop harder woods, but the likelihood is that that you’ll never be doing that. If you’re getting to exclusively be working with softer woods, why buy a machine with excess power and excess price once you could get something that suits your needs for less?

One great point about this model is that it comes with an oversized forged iron table and steel frame. At this price point, you sometimes expect plastic construction, so you’re getting good value there. It also doesn’t vibrate the maximum amount as other units and features a micro-adjust handle, resulting in cleaner cuts.

It doesn’t have as many features as other units. It’s getting to had best with simpler projects on softer woods but asking anything more of it’s going to be asking an excessive amount of. It also comes with an undersized dust port, which can end in you having to try to more clean-up than you’d like.


  • Powers through softwood
  • Quality parts


  • Struggles with hardwood
  • Undersized dust port

5. Shop Fox W1706 Band saw

On the upper side of the worth spectrum, this freestanding band saw from Shop Fox features a spacious cutting table of 14 by 14 inches that tilts 45 degrees to the proper. You’ll hack to 6-inch pieces with ease, and with an optional extension kit, the saw is often expanded to permit for cutting of 12-inch thick pieces. A 1-horsepower motor provides adequate power to permit blade speeds of 1,500 and 3,200 FPM (feet per minute).

If you don’t want to possess to get additional accessories for your new saw, this one comes loaded with quite a few, like the included rip fence and miter gauge. The stand doubles as a storage cabinet to assist keep your workspace neat. On the downside, the guide bearings with this model have a short lifespan. the primary set went bad, but it had been replaced directly, because of the two-year warranty. Unfortunately, it’s a recurring problem that keeps this saw from moving above this list.


  • Two-year warranty
  • Rip fence and miter gauge


  • Guide bearings go bad
  • High priced

6. WEN 3959 Band Saw

With a 2.5-amp motor capable of two, 500 FPM blade speeds, this compact bench top band saw from WEN is sort of capable, considering its small size and affordable price. Deep cuts to three .5 inches are possible, and it also can create 45-degree bevel cuts because of the tilting table. To top it off, a rip fence and miter gauge are included, and there’s a 2.5-inch dust port vacuum attachment built-in.

On paper, everything looks excellent. On wood, the saw tends to drift and did cause several boards to be ruined. This was made worse by a budget quality rip fence that might not stay. Also, the table has some warped areas which meant the boards didn’t slide smoothly and infrequently got hung up while trying to push them through.


  • Affordable
  • 45-degree table tilt
  • Dust port, rip fence, and miter gauge included


  • Blade drifts
  • The rip fence is extremely poor quality
  • Tabletop isn’t perfectly flat

7. SKIL 3386-01 Band Saw

While many stand-alone band saws will take up an outsized chunk of your workshop land, this smaller table top model from SKIL features a considerably smaller footprint. Of course, the tiny size also comes with some drawbacks. As an example, it’s a maximum cutting capacity of three .5 inches. Great for trim and ornamental work, but not great if you would like to form large cuts. This model is additionally not expandable with a riser block.

For the low price, it’s surprising what percentage of extra features is included. For starters, there’s an LED work light to stay your cut well lit, and there’s a dust port with an attachment for a vacuum. Also included are a miter gauge and a rip fence, although the fence was too weak to be useful. So why doesn’t this SKIL saw rank higher? Well, to start with, the 2.5-amp motor lacks power. If you would like to chop hardwood, you’ll get to check out a special model. Also, the blade adjustment doesn’t work well, and therefore the blade keeps coming off the wheels. On top of this, the excessive vibration when trying to chop a thick piece prevents this saw from achieving the cleanest cuts.


  • Affordably priced
  • LED work light
  • Miter gauge and fence


  • Small cutting capacity
  • Lacks power
  • Blade adjustment is terrible
  • Too much vibration

8. Delta 28-400 Bands Saw

This Delta band saw contains a stout 1-horsepower motor that runs at two speeds, 1,620 FPM and three, 340 FPM, to permit cutting of both wood and metal. That said, changing speeds may be a royal pain. The sturdy, oversized table measures 15¾ by 18⅞ inches and tilts 45 degrees to the proper. Precision ground nine-spoke wheels make blade tracking adjustments simple. the massive 6-inch high cutting capacity is respectable, though no riser block is often added to form it larger.

This model features a glaring drawback which stops it from reaching a better position on this list. Changing the blade requires employing a hex wrench to regulate the set screws in six separate guides to urge the new blade coplanar. At this high price point, we hoped to ascertain a tool-free adjustment for the blade-guides like on the older Delta models and current models offered by other brands. For the worth, it also looks like you’re not getting many features. No miter gauge or fence, no light, not evens a dust port.


  • Two-speed operation
  • Oversized table tilts 45 degrees


  • Changing speeds may be a pain
  • No toolless micro-adjustment
  • No extra features

9. POWERTEC BS900 Band saw

With a coffee price and a little footprint, this bench top band saw from POWERTEC could also be considered when just getting started in woodworking. For serious wood cutting though, you’ll need a more powerful saw. The 2.5-amp, 0.5-horsepower motor spins at a good 1,725 RPMs, though it appeared to hamper pretty quickly when cutting.

The 11¾-inch square tabletop tilts 45-degrees for angled cuts and may still cut a depth of two inches during this position. When flat, this saw features a max depth of 3⅝ inches, though it doesn’t have enough power to chop anything that thick. It features a quick-release blade tension lever, but it’s cheaply made and will easily break off. The one-year warranty may cover it if so, but only at the company’s discretion. It does feature a 2-inch dust port for a vacuum connection, also as a miter gauge. Despite these extra features, you’d be happier with one among the higher-ranked band saws that features a better diary.


  • Low cost


  • Underpowered
  • Blade tensioner feels cheap and should break
  • Warranty honored at the company’s discretion

10. ShopSeries RK7453 9” Band Saw

Considering the low price of this ShopSeries band saw, the specs are worth finding out. The 2.5-amp motor allows cutting of up to 3⅛-inch thick wood. The tabletop tilts to 45 degrees for angled cuts and a two-year warranty protects against defects. Extra features like built-in flexible work light and miter gauge add more value to the present little benchtop saw.

The knobs don’t seem to adjust the blade how they’re alleged to. This also makes it very difficult to undertake to urge the blade to trace properly. As a result, getting a straight cut was very hard, since the blade kept wandering. We discovered that there’s only an impact on one side of the blade, as against all the opposite saws on this list which have one on all sides. Overall, we can’t recommend this product as there are better alternatives within the price range.


  • Affordable
  • Two-year warranty


  • Bearing on just one side of the blade
  • Adjustment knobs don’t function properly
  • Hard to trace
  • Doesn’t cut straight

Buyer’s Guide

The above reviews should offer you some insight into band saws that ought to assist you to make the choice that’s good for you; rather you’re a novice or a grizzled veteran. Like all machine purchases, it’s important to know what features and power you would like to finish the projects that you simply want to try to when purchasing a band saw. There’s no way we will know exactly what you would like to try to together with your band saw, but, we’ve compiled tons of general advice about band saws during this buyer’s guide that ought to assist you to find out what matters to you.

Shopping for value

A power tool could also be expensive, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a great value. Odds are that you simply, or someone you recognize, have spent tons of cash on tools or equipment, only to possess it to break down soon after the acquisition. Albeit it’s still under warranty, it can find yourself being an enormous waste of your time, which in some ways is more valuable than the cash you spent.

Something to stay in mind while you’re shopping is that the concept simply because something is costlier, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better. Likewise, cheaper doesn’t always mean worse, albeit things generally go that way.

Instead of that specialize inexpensive or cheap, it is often useful to instead believe the value or trying to urge the simplest bang for the buck. While aspects of a machine can contribute or detract from value, there are three areas which contribute far more to value in band saws than others: durability, simple use, and skill to try to the projects you’re brooding about.

We also want to allow you to know that we have a buyer’s guide where we also show you the highest band saw picks under $500. It is often found here.


Band saws use one blade under very high tension to form cuts. this suggests that the whole body of the machine is under stress while you employ it, and also while the machine is at rest. If the body of the machine is formed out of the incorrect materials, it’s not getting to last very long. It’s also getting to put more strain on your blade, which may end in flawed cuts, and during a shortened lifespan for the blade, which can greatly increase your cost of operation over time.

What are the proper materials?

Well, it’s important to not get distracted by the very fact that the machine comes with a forged iron table. Most do, and if a specific model doesn’t, it’s time to start out asking questions. Top-of-the-line band saws accompany frames that also are forged iron, which handles the strain placed on the machine all right. Lower-quality machines accompany rolled steel or aluminium bodies. Bargain units accompany frames that are a minimum of partly plastic. The higher quality the frame is, the longer you ought to expect it to last.

The heavier forged iron frames also do a far better job of dissipating and absorbing vibrations, which suggests that your cuts are going to be more accurate. Vibrations also can reduce the lifespan of a machine, so generally speaking, having fewer is best.

You’ll also want to ascertain what quite a system is employed to maneuver to the blade. The simplest band saws use ball bearings, which can last longer than other systems, and also generally put less strain on the blade itself, which can mean the blade lasts longer. If you’ll use your blade for extended, you’ll save tons of cash on replacement blades at the end of the day.

Ease of Use

Machines that are hard to use are often frustrating, albeit they get the work done. It’s hard to place a dollar value on how employing a machine causes you to feel, but there are always tools and machines that we return to over and over, and find excuses to use because they’re just such a pleasure to work. If you’ll get one among those rather than one that irritates you, then you’ve increased the worth you’re getting to get.


Ease of use in-band saws can come from tons of places, but the foremost important is how easy it’s to vary out the blade. If you’re planning on cutting different materials frequently, you’re getting to be changing out the blade tons. If you’re planning on using the machine tons, you’re getting to wear out your blades, and wish to vary them out.

The more you employ your band saw, the more you’re getting to be changing the blade out, and therefore the more value you’re getting to find yourself placing on how easy it’s to vary out the blade. Some models are designed in a way that creates this process extremely easy, while others just don’t. Those with the harder blade changes are often frustrating and find yourself eating tons of your time that would be better spent on other tasks. You’ll find yourself spending a touch more, but you’ll be happier within the end of the day with a machine that permits for quick and straightforward blade changes.

You’ll also want to research how easy it’s to line the blade to the acceptable height for the cut you’re doing, and the way easy it’s to properly set the security features. These are important actions that you’ll frequently be doing, and a few models make it easier than others.

What is it that you’re getting to do together with your band saw?

Different sorts of projects are done best with different sorts of blades, of course, but they’re also are features of every machine which will make them better suited to different sorts of projects.

If you’re looking to try to projects out of softer wood varieties, then you don’t need a machine with an overabundance of power. Which will be the incorrect choice? The blade speed may find yourself being too fast, and you’ll run the danger of damaging your piece rather than getting a top-quality cut. There’s a possible element of danger here. You ought to expect some resistance when cutting, but if the blade goes through the piece sort of a hot knife through butter, then your ability to regulate the method goes to decrease dramatically. And, accidents and injuries often result once you lose control.

That’s an extreme situation, but there are other reasons that you simply might not need a more powerful unit. More powerful units also tend to possess bigger tables and bigger blade heights. But, if you’re only getting to cut smaller pieces, then all that excess space goes to travel to waste. In essence, you’re paying a premium for space you’re never getting to find yourself using. That’s a situation where you’ve lost value rather than gained it.

Of course, if you’re working with harder woods or larger pieces, you’re getting to require a bigger, more powerful band saw. The key here is to work out what your needs then find the machine which will meet those needs without providing an excessive amount of extra capacity.

And, we haven’t even gotten into the convenience of assembly. If you’ve never put a band saw together, you ought to know that it’s not always an easy process. It’s not the foremost difficult tool to assemble, but you ought to expect to spend a while thereon. Some models come more assembled and are designed in such how on making them easy to place together. If you’re a beginner, you’ll save yourself tons of your time and frustration by purchasing one among those models.


The JET JWBS-14DXPRO was our favourite band saw, thanks to its massive capacity and table and excellent power. The Grizzly G0555LX was an excellent band saw overall but lost the primary position due to a poorly-designed dust collector. The WEN 3962 may be a great band saw for experts, and works great, but isn’t the simplest to use. The Rikon 10-305 is great for little projects and dealing with softwoods but struggles with harder woods and lacks the capacity for giant projects. The POWERTEC BS900 has more flaws than upsides and shouldn’t be high on your list.

Hopefully, our reviews and our buyer’s guide have helped make it clear what you ought to be trying to find when you’re buying a band saw. It’s not always easy to buy online, but we hope that you simply now know which model can best meet your needs.








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