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          When the temperature starts rising up thoughts of staying chilled and cooled starts arising too. The best air conditioner has become very much essential in our home. The temperature or the heat of the sun is day by day increasing and the humidity of air is also increasing which people can not tolerate. So to avoid this problem people need an air conditioner which is also known as A.c.  

Most of the time the central air conditioning system isn’t on our list, but room air conditioning can be an inexpensive and energy-efficient option. After going through the various websites and some research, we have found some best air conditioners you should go with. We have put a lot of effort to find exclusive air conditioners so that you can have a comfortable sleep after the exhaustive schedule.

Always understand that your requirement decides which AC type you need, so there are basically two types of AC available in the Indian market i.e. Split AC and Window AC. Split AC is expensive than window AC, but it has better cooling efficiency than window AC. Basically split AC is slightly more efficient as the suction and blower area of the window AC is comparatively smaller in size. Talking about the pros of Window AC, it is cheaper than Split AC and it also has more star ratings than split AC. It comparatively saves more power, but window AC is required to install in the room that has a window. You can hardly hear the compressor noise of a Split AC as it stays outside of your room. However, you can hear the noise of Window AC’s compressor easily. The highlighting fact about split AC is, its compressor doesn’t get damaged due to rain and sunlight. Window AC with same star rating as Split AC, generally are less efficient.

Well, you must wonder, why do air conditioners do not work after some span or some months?

Let’s say, you buy an efficient air conditioner, but that’s not it. You would always need to look after it. A well-maintained unit always lasts long. Go through the following guidelines or say some maintenance tips which you should consider while taking care of your unit.

  1. Clean the air filters.
  2. Check For The Condenser Coil Corrosion.
  3. Straighten bent coil fins.
  4. Remove the dirt from the outdoor unit.
  5. Cover the unit when not in use.
  6. Fix refrigerant leakage.
  7. Clean the drain pipe.
  8. Frequently call for AC servicing.


According to Energy Star, 13% of the household electricity is spent on cooling, so it is crucial to select the right product, that will save electricity. The size of the air conditioning unit has inverse proportionality to the extent of struggle by the unit itself to cool the room.

Always look for AC units that have appropriate insulation, which would minimize the leakage. Every AC has a condenser coil within the body where a refrigerant flow. Refrigerant needs a better heat exchange inside the coil so that AC can run fast and can give consistent cooling. That is why we must choose better material for Condenser coil My suggestion is to choose copper type insulation instead of aluminum type, the reason is copper has better conductivity the aluminum. The copper coil is more heat transferable, efficient, high in performance, running cost, and lifespan. The copper coil is also corrosion resistance, easy to maintain, and repairable. The models should be excellent enough to produce zero noise and all you would end up hearing is sound of the fan running. Noisy products might disturb the sleepers, so do not purchase the brand that scores fair for noise.

Prefer inverter type AC over non-inverter type AC because inverter type AC gives constant and desired cooling performance under extreme weather. It will keep the room temperature steady. Rapid cooling is one of the best ergonomic of inverter type AC, it literally cools up the room within 5-8 mins. The compressor life of inverter type AC is longer with no obstacles in performance.

Some air conditioners have a warranty with a longer span than others. When you’re buying a new brand, check the manufacturer’s website for information, and ask the retailer about the warranty for the brand and model you are considering buying. These days you will find air conditioners with brand new featured, so it is my opinion to go with the flow that purchases an ergonomic product that will ease your task. The filter unit of the product should easily accessible for cleaning purpose, this will keep your unit in tip-top condition. Before checking out the prices and features, examine the size of the air conditioner you will need for your space. If the size of the product isn’t appropriate it will cost badly in electricity charges and maintenance. Do not buy a smaller unit for larger space, such deeds will indirectly deduce your product’s efficiency also, do not buy a larger unit for smaller space that would a bad investment for sure. If you need to cool a larger area, you’ll want to focus your search on units that better match your square footage. 

Another essential tip for buying an air conditioner is to consider the number of people in a room. This adds to the heat load of the room. A crowded room requires a stronger unit. Smart features in your AC can help you to seamlessly integrate it with other smart devices in your home. An important part of the air conditioner buying guide is to help you understand the power consumption of your AC. The BEE Rating, now ISEER, is issued keeping in mind an AC’s Energy-Efficiency Ratio (EER). ACs are rated in British Thermal Units (BTU), regardless of their tonnage and capacity.

Features to look for when you’re buying an AC

  • Wi-Fi compatibility grants wireless access to your AC even when you’re not home.
  •  The self-clean feature automatically moves a brush across the filter to clean dirt sitting on the wing.
  •  Activity sensors monitor activity to reduce energy consumption if you’re not in the room.
  • Voice-command compatibility allows you to control your AC hands-free.
  •  App control replaces a traditional remote and gives you more information about the AC and its operations.


Avoid buying in peak season if you can; that will be summer in most parts of India but could be midwinter too if you’re in a colder region. If possible, shop around before the peak season starts, so that your new unit is installed and ready for when you’ll need it most. Alternatively, it can be worth buying just after the season ends. Old stock may go on sale as retailers make room for new models. While the newest models may be a bit more efficient or have new features, a recently superseded model at a bargain price
can be a great choice.


All the units in our air conditioner ratings do an excellent job of cooling. They also come with convenient features, such as digital displays, built-in timers, and remote controls. Some units have touchpad controls, and a few change the direction of the airflow automatically to better disperse cool air throughout the room. Look for air-conditioner features that affect performance and efficiency. You can choose any of the following air conditioners that will help you to get comfort from. So here we are giving the features of 5 best air conditioners it will help the buyer. So after using this product if they fill pleased or satisfied with this product they can also recommend it to their friend and to their relatives. Here is one By one list.

Here are the 10 best Air Conditioners with exclusive features and ergonomic:-

Hitachi 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

Hitachi split air conditioners are cost-effective and require minimal work for installation. Star rated split air conditioners by Hitachi offer cooling solutions that are energy efficient and productive for both home and office with the added feature of being environment friendly at the same time and they provide cutting edge cooling solutions making use of advanced technology. Inverter split air conditioners consume a significantly low amount of power for their operation as the flow of refrigerant and the speed of the compressor are set optimally to achieve this. I would recommend you all to buy this brand. Hitachi 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC is the best pick for consumers. It will be your one-time investment that will intern give you excellent comfort.


Godrej GIC 12 BAH 8 GGQG – Most Energy Efficient (Electricity Saving) 1-ton AC

If you are looking for the product with the highest ISEER in the market, then you need to take a look over Godrej GIC 12 BAH 8. This model has an ISEER of 6.15 which is the highest ever seen in the Indian market. It has a rated cooling capacity of 3550 watts (or 1.01 ton) and power consumption of 795 watts. This brand exclusively uses Eco-Friendly Refrigerant and Air Filters for dust, viruses, bacteria, and fungi. It comes with 10-year compressor and 5-year condenser warranty. This product will be definitely a good investment if your AC usage is quite high.

http://Godrej GIC 12 BAH 8 GGQG – Most Energy Efficient (Electricity Saving) 1 ton AC

Blue Star 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

Blue Star Inverter Air Conditioners are designed with Dual Rotor Inverter Compressor resulting in faster cooling, longer durability and quieter operation even in peak summer. This brand is installed with 7 filters to minimize airborne pollutants and to ensure maximum comfort. The model comes with 4.75 stars and 1.75- tons of capacity which means it is very efficient. The brand comes with a 1-year warranty along with the warranty for components of the same. Blue Star’s Turbo Mode feature ensures faster, more effective cooling in a few minutes, despite extreme summer conditions.


Midea Santis Pro 3i (MAI12SP3N8F0) 1-ton split inverter AC

Midea Santis Pro 3i model is a BEE 3 star rated model along with an average cooling capacity of 3500 watts, the nominal power consumption of 1180 watts, and ISEER of 3.75. This unit is among the cheapest inverter ACs in the market. This product is equipped with a few attractive features like the i-CHECK and i-Eco Energy Saving to ensure long-lasting and energy-efficient performance.


LG KS-Q18YNZA (5 Star) – Best 1.5-ton Split Inverter AC

This is a split AC with an exclusive inverter variable speed compressor. The best fact about this brand is the compressor adjusts the power depending upon heat load. This brand ergonomically comes with 1.5 tons of capacity with 5-star ratings. If you are looking for a highly efficient brand then this brand is specially made for you. The product is installed with a copper compressor that requires low maintenance.  This brand is well known for low derating factor and ocean Black Protection for Durability.


Voltas 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC

Introducing Voltas all weather AC with high ambient cooling, active dehumidifier, and multi-stage filtration advantage. If you are looking for an efficient and pocket-friendly Air Conditioner then buy Voltas 125 EY Executive R series split AC from Amazon India The elegantly designed split AC model comes with the latest features. This AC has an energy efficiency certification of 3 Star Rating (2018). It has a capacity of 1 Ton and comes in Wine Red color. It also comes with a one-year warranty on the product and five-year on the compressor.

AC keeps your family healthy and safe. The AC has 5 filters. They are silver ion filter, Catechin filter, Vitamin C filter, Anti-dust and Acaro Bacterium which helps in providing cleaner and healthier air for you. This ensures fresh, clean, and healthy air in your living space. The AC has Auto Restart function which helps you sleep uninterrupted in case of a power cut. This brand is worth investing in.

A very silent AC, this product from the house of Hitachi, is a tireless cooling machine that is known to use energy very efficiently. It is packed with contemporary state-of-art features that are easy to use and provide a lot of comfort.

Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC

Auto climate technology: This intelligent feature recognizes the temperature and humidity of the city it is operating in, adjusts the temperature and fan speed at the touch of a button to suit the body needs, and gives the user a great cooling comfort.

Auto power saver mode: This feature enables the air conditioner to automatically select the comfort temperature and maintain the same at around 25-degree Celsius with suitable fan speed. The fan speed also gets automatically adjusted and in case the compressor is cut off, the fan speed automatically comes down to a lower level and moves up when it turns on. When the pre-set room temperature is achieved, the fan speed automatically regulates itself by coming down and goes up when more cooling is required. The condenser of this model is made up of copper which is good for good performance and long life. It has Kaimin feature in which temperature will automatically increase by 1°C for 4 hours.


Whirlpool 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC (Aluminium, 1.0T Magicool DLX 5s, White)

It is a non-inverter type 3star split AC. It incorporates advanced MPFI Technology.  The advanced MPFI Technology uses a unique circuit design for rapid heat exchange, resulting in enhanced cooling capacity and power saving. The all-new range of Whirlpool Inverter 3D Cool ACs is equipped with the revolutionary 3D Cool Technology. The unique 3 Air Vents draw the hot air out faster from the room, ensuring maximum cooling. An advanced humidity sensor ensures comfortable cooling by sensing the room’s real feel temperature considering the humidity level and also saves 27% of energy. Intuitive logic chip optimizes cooling based on varied ambient conditions. Faster removal of hot air leads to faster cooling. Longer air throw facilitates uniform corner to corner cooling.


Carrier 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper Esko Inverter CAI18EK3C8F0 White)

Carrier 1.5ton 3star inverter (CAI18EK3C8F0) split AC comes with 11D-D1 with LY pattern, high ambient working, and stabilizer free operation. The brand comes with a warranty for 1 Year on Complete Unit, 10 Years on Compressor, 2 Years on ODU PCB. The product has exclusively got Hybrid jet- 55-degree Celsius working, stabilizer free operation, low voltage (195v) operation even at extreme condition (48 degrees Celsius). This is one of the cheap, ergonomic, and efficient brands on our list. This brand has exclusively got very appreciable ratings on sites.


BPL 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC (Copper, A12KF3C8A, White)

It is a Split AC with a non-inverter compressor with Low noise and with Affordable price as compared to inverter split ACs. It’s a highly efficient air conditioner with low energy consumption. Get comfortable room temperatures while saving energy at the same time. The product uses a 100% copper condenser. Copper allows the air conditioner’s inner system to cool quickly, which cools your room quicker too. It’s long-lasting and efficient, all because of its durability, high energy efficiency, corrosion-resistance, and easy maintenance. Its digital display allows you to view the various programs and functions, while also being able to change the settings of the air conditioner according to your preferences. BPL’s air conditioners are the perfect initiation into a life of comfort and class. Get a cooler room in lesser time with BPL 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC.






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